Minutes 14 January 2015


Draft minutes of a meeting held on 14th January, 2015 at the village hall, Parracombe. The meeting opened at 7.30pm.

Councillors present: Mr J Holtom (Chair), Mr I Tansley, (Vice-Chair), Mr A Holland, Mrs S Bastock .

Clerk: Mrs J Walters.


    1. APOLOGIES Mr B Edgington, Cllr Andrea Davis. NDC Cllr. Julia Clark, Cllr Yvette Gubb.
    2. POLICE MATTERS PC Martin Beck. No crimes reported for Parracombe since the beginning of the year. A lorry became stuck in the village in December which was meant to be heading for Middleton. Clerk was asked write to Highways to ask if Middleton could be put back on the sign at Rowley Cross for Heale and Cowleywood.
      There have been less reports of poaching but it is still going on so keep reporting any incidents. 999 can be used if poaching is ongoing.
      Clerk to approach DCC for a proforma for a village resilience plan for use in an emergency.
    3. PUBLIC CONSULTATION Kevin Marshall attended the meeting. He bought a letter, published in the NDJ, to our attention. The letter seems to indicate that lengthsmens duties, gritting, pothole repairs etc. are to be passed to the Parish to carry out. PC has had no correspondence on this matter. The Clerk was asked to contact DCC.
      Mr Marshall also asked if the Parish could provide some funding towards the Community newsletter as he would like to publish the minutes in full. Cllrs agreed to discuss the matter in the final agenda item.
    4. PLANNING None.
    5. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING These were agreed and signed.
      Co-option – There are still 2 vacancies. Recruiting drive for the May elections will be undertaken to fill the vacancies.
      Beech Tree– Mark Evans, the tree surgeon, reported that Western Power will not take down the power lines without a road closure. This would have a 3 month lead in time and cost around £2000. To dismantle the tree over the lines would be a much longer job so the quotation would now be £1275. A area of fungus was observed near the base which is recent. It was suggested that the PC and Mr Tucker report this to WPD as they may deem the trees removal urgent and possibly carry out the work themselves. In light of this the Clerk was asked to contact James Tucker with this new information and to ask him to report the fungus and for the PC to do so also. In light of the increased costs the PC would be willing to increase its contribution towards the cost of felling.
      Village Hall– nothing to report at present. PC offer of help still stands.
      Village sign– this to on highway ground covering village facilities. It would not require planning consent from ENPA. Cllr Holtom to action.
      Salt– Clerk to find out why the PC is responsible for supplying salt for the school to use and where it should come from.
      a) Coronation Playing Field- pathway to the toilets needs cleaning in the Spring. A chain has come loose on the chain link climbing frame. Clerk to ask Cllr Edgington to repair it and also to put a weather strip on the bottom of the ladies toilet door.
      b) Park Pavilion- Cllr Edgington sent some suggestions for alterations to the pavilion. This includes taking out the store cupboard in the kitchen and moving the sink unit if necessary to provide a larger space for events. The gents would be converted to extra storage space. All agreed that this would improve the facility. Cllr Edgington to be asked to get some quotes for the work, thank you.
      c) Hard Court- The work party has swept the court, thank you. Clerk to find out if moss treatment has been done.
    8. FINANCE
      Accounts for payment

      • RAOB Village Hall- hire in Nov £10.00
      • Mrs J Walters- clerks wages & exps £228.65
      • SWW quarterly bill £15.56
      • Mrs S Winn- toilet cleaning Oct-Dec. £182.20
      • Viking- toilet rolls £26.71
      • TOTAL £463.13

      Chqs were agreed and signed.

      Clerk to complete grant form for money towards running the public toilets.

      Bank details to be completed for Precept and grant forms. There was a mistake on the grant form so an extra £671 was due to be added to the precept. The Clerk was thanked for spotting the error and this money will not be added.

      Financial reports: end Dec, 2014 C/A £15,480.76 Savs £564.04, Cap £724.92 TOTAL £16,769.62

    9. CORRESPONDENCE. .Mr N Le Dieu- letter of thanks for the PC’s donation towards the Poppy appeal. The appeal raised £1839.94 in total.
      TAP fund proposal from LLTC to hire lengthsmen for the villages. Clerk to request some more information but the PC would support this idea.
    10. MATTERS AT CHAIRMAN’S DISCRETION Parking opposite the school- residents have experienced delays getting past the school when the minibus is dropping off and collecting children at times when staff have also parked opposite the school gates. The Clerk was asked to write to request that cars are not parked there when the minibus is due. Request from Kevin Marshall was discussed. It was not thought necessary to publish the draft minutes in full as they are freely available. However the Parish Council would be willing help fund the newsletter if he would like to apply.

    The next meeting is 11th March, 2015. Defibrillator- no further information- add to agenda for next meeting.

    The meeting closed at 8.40pm

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