Christ Church Graveyard Record

The graveyard of Christ Church Parracombe was recorded by Parracombe Archaeology and History Society (PAHS).  Each grave is recorded below with a reference number and inscription.  The reference number refers to the location recorded on the churchyard map of graves.

Download record in pdf format Record of grave names in Christ Church Parracombe

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4Annie Harding ANTELL passed away April 3rd 1934.
Edwin James ANTELL killed in Action on HMS Goliath May 12th 1915
35Edith ANTELL fell asleep 5th May 1923
57George ANTELL passed away August 17th 1932. Aged 86 years.
Mary Ann ANTELL passed peacefully away Nov 19th 1959
97John ANTELL passed away 2 Feb 1977
Gertrude ANTELL passed away 28.4.1977
106Sydney Ernest ANTELL died 10th October 1978
Arthur ANTELL. M.M. died 25th August 1979
141Denis John ASH died 2007
Lesley Jean ASH died 2012


179John BARROW died March 29th 1939
Mary Ann BARROW died Sept 18th 1942
178John BARROW died May 14th 1912
173Ann BARROW died 22nd May 1918 aged 95
7BARSON ‘TOT’ who died October 5th 1930 ‘TOMMY’
133Eva BEGBIE died 27th Oct. 1946
69Walter Gorden BENNETT died 24th May 1976
Doris Annie BENNETT died 2nd March 1997
135Mary Jane BLACKMORE died May 31st 1940
137Alma Elizabeth BLACKMORE passed away 11.10.34
John BLACKMORE passed away July 19th 1950
63Michelle BOURN died 1.4.86
144George Henry BOWDEN died Aug 21st 1970
182John Ridd BRAY died 29th Jan 2014 aged 85
166Frances Elizabeth BRAY fell asleep December 24th 1907
143Alfred BROWN died Sep 18th
Harriet BROWN died Dec 3rd 1938
92Alice M BULLED died January 22 1951
174Elizabeth BUSSELL died Feb 12th 1968
81Elizabeth P BUTTS died 22.3.1961
Fred Thomas Rudall BUTTS died 19.5.1964
78John BYRNES passed away 12th November 1993
Mollie BYRNES passed away 23rd December 2001


60Dorothy Rose CAWCUTT 1937 – 1975
Alice Dorothy CAWCUTT 1906 – 1981
George Frank Murphy CAWCUTT 1905 -1984
168Yvonne Mary CASEY died 5.4.2011
118Bertie COMER died 30 Nov. 1984
131Spencer Rossiter COMPTON “Ross” died 25.3.1988
Lydia Yvonne COMPTON “Lyddie” died 13.5.2003
167Mary COOMBES died Nov 8th 1897
175John CORNISH died April 24th
George Henry CORNISH died Feb 22nd 1908
Mary Jane CORNISH   died March 6th 1917
160Ruby Freda COURT died 3-5-2002
George John COURT died 19-6-2005
161Frederick Richard COURT died 17 September
George COURT died December 16th 1905
Mary COURT died March 25th 1912
Richard G. COURT died Jan 30th 1926
Edith Agnes COURT died Dec. 30th
162Elizabeth H. COURT (Bessie) died 5th Sept.
Herbert William COURT fell asleep 33nd Jan
164Frederick John COURT died 20th June
Susan COURT died 5th September 1975
28aBrenda Anne COWARD died 13th Jan 2015 aged 63 RIP
26Frederick James CREEK 18.10.1920 – 15.12.1995
Elizabeth Joan CREEK nee Atkinson 1.7.1929 – 28.6.1995
48Elizabeth Ellen CREEK died 4th February 1966
William CREEK died 17th August 1968
68Freddy CROCOMBE passed away 6 March 1975
Lily CROCOME passed away 6 June 1988
75Kelvin Richard CROCOMBE Died Feb 18th 2002
Ruth Audrey CROCOMBE 30 Jan 2012
87Daisy Catherine CROCOMBE 14th January 1908 – 10th March 1981
Richard Frederick CROCOMBE died 28th August
107George Henry CROCOMBE died 9th January 1988
111Archie CROCOMBE passed away Feb 24th 1956
149Emma CROCOMBE died Sept. 22nd 1959
Richard CROCOMBE died July 15th 1976


11Charles Ridd DALLYN 15th June 1945
Ethel Fanny DALLYN 23rd January 1969
72John Ridd DALLYN died Feb. 20th 1964
82Reginald Charles DALLYN died 3rd February 1993
Patricia Gwynneth DALLYN died 24th March 2011
110William Blatchford DALLYN passed away Sep 14th 1953
150Richard Courtney DAVEY died 4th Nov 1894 aged 49
194Victor James DAVIDSON died July 20th
196Frank DAVIES   fell asleep Sep 28th 1961
Emily Elizabeth DAVIES fell asleep May 5th 1970
54Lorna Alice DELBRIDGE died April 30th 1936
55Fanny DELBRIDGE passed away 25th April 1947
George DELBRIDGE passed away 15th May 1964
80Mabel DELBRIDGE passed away aged 66 years
Walter George DELBRIDGE passed away 27.6.1998
165Sarah DOVELL passed peacefully to rest July 9 1929
Susan DOVELL died July 25 1940
Caroline Snow DOVELL died March 15 1955
195Agnes DOVELL died Nov 28th 1932


99Dorothy Eveline EAST
Frank EAST 1883
83Dale Wesley EDGINGTON (Chippy) died 26th October 1998
40Lottie EDWARD died April 29th 1953
Jesse George EDWARDS died March 7th 1971
George EDWARDS died July 11th 1920
13Sidney T ELLIOTT 17th May 1933
Emma ELLIOTT 23rd February 1961
65Linda Rosamund EVANS called to rest 7th June 1986


25Francis Claude FAULKNER
19Sylvia Mary FRENCH passed on June 14th 1945
21Frederick George FRENCH Passed on March 10th 1971
Maud Mary FRENCH Passed on December 20th 1988
44W. M. FISHER 1957
95Terry Kenneth FORD died 31 March 1969
Alan George FORD died 18th June 1998


59Abigail GAMMIN died 6th July 1957
Francis Joseph GAMMIN died 4th August 1973
50Albert William GOODING who passed to rest March 27 – 1926.
Clara Eva GOODING   died May 12
189Daniel GOULD died Sept 6th 1904 aged 77
136George Wilson GRAHAM passed away 24.10.48
Hannah Mary GRAHAM passed away 26.Jan 1953
52Joyce Ellen GREEN died Jan. 5th 1942
51Denis GREENHALGH 1921-1994
Rachel GREENHALGH 1929-2006
105Ernest James GREGORY passed away 15th Feb 1976


98William George HAGLEY passed away 12.12.78
Lillie May HAGLEY   passed away 24.12.1985
42Ivor Moore HAINES 1891 – 1957
Maria HAINES nee ?HUTIIKOBA 1905 – 1957
171Susan Ann HANCOCK died 2 June
Henry HANCOCK died 14 June 1992
148Henry HARDING died June 15th 1955
Elizabeth Maud HARDING died Oct. 8th 1960
159Bertha Adeline HARRIS died December 8th 1949
31Annie Maria HAYDON died aged 60.
William John HAYDON Died 19.10.1944
58Sabine Elizabeth HOLMES died July 2nd 1936
William John HOLMES died March 16th 1971
176Mary HOPPER died January 18th 1900
159Alfred Henry HOLMES died Jan 6th 1925
104Evelyn Annie HOYLES fell asleep 13 June 1974
153William Richard HOYLES at rest April 19th 1906 Thirza HOYLES at rest June 8th 1955
William Richard HOYLES died July 19th 1965


1George Edwin IRVING died June 15th 1942
Georgina Frances IRVING died 27th November 1959


41Edward Eld JACKSON died June 19 1937
Florence JACKSON died January 31 1952
141Helen May JERRARD 1903-1983
Philip Stanley JERRARD 1900-1985
123Irene JONES nee Rouse died 7.12.77
100Percy Joseph JOYCE died February 14th 1950
Jessica JOYCE passed away February 19th 1977


191William Halliday KEATLEY died April 2003


66Dennis Charles LAMPREY 1919 – 1982
139Sydney Charles LAMPREY died 8th Feb 1955
Alice LAMPREY died 12th July 1981
24Jackie De LANCEY died October 18th 1918
192John de LANCEY died 22nd March 1965
Edith Gertrude de LANCEY died 16th September 1981
195James LANG died 9th Feb 1930 aged 65
William James Henry LANG died Sept 25th 1915 aged 21
Sarah LANG died Sept 20th 1940
89Harry Richard LATHAM passed away 21st April 1991
Hilda Annie LATHAM passed away 18th February 1997
132Elizabeth LATHAM died Oct. 24th 1943
Frederick Richard Latham died Feb 8th
64Frederick Samuel LEWORTHY passed away 3rd September 1984
67Derrick Samuel LEWORTHY died 3rd January 1977
85Bertram Amos John LEWORTHY died 26th February 1959
Frances Bertha LEWORTHY who died 16th January 1984
128Montague William John LEWORTHY died 21st March 1971
8William LEY passed away Feb 25th 1944
Mary LEY fell asleep Nov. 21st 1956
93Michael Lesley LEY passed away Jun 25th 1952
156Doris W. LEY 1909 -1973 Cecil LEY
186John George Symonds LITSON died December 26th 1919


29Florence Mary MARSH died 17th Jan 1918
152Louisa MERRETT died April 19th
134Charles Edward MUTTON died 8 January 1983


62Derrick H. ORTMANS died 23.3. 1991
Mavis ORTMANS 28.1.2005


28William Charles PARKER 25the December 1917
10Edith PARKHOUSE passed away August 4th 1937
Arthur PARKHOUSE passed away Sept. 1st 1969.
183William Francis Paul died 25th Jan 2014 aged 88
14Adelaide Sara PAUL 16th August 1958.
Edward William PAUL 15th March 1969
Edward George PAUL died 30th July 1989
18Christine Mary PAUL died 16th September 1981
John Eric PAUL died 17th November 2003
109Stephen Henry PELLING died January 28th 1951
Ethel Annie PELLING died March 20th 1962
130Arthur John (Jack) PENNYFATHER died 12th December 1980
Ena Mary PENNYFATHER died 23rd May 1994
74Henry Hugh PETHERICK (Harry) passed peacefully away 20th Aug 2000 aged 79
Audrey PETHERICK 2 April 2013
182John Edward PETHERICK
‘Jackie’ died August 29th 1934
184Harry PETHERICK died July 26th 1972.
Alice PETHERICK died January 17th 1984
125Ernest PICKARD passed peacefully away. Dec 2 1938
Mary PICKARD died June 20 1947
185Gerald William PILE died 21st May 2008 aged 79
Dorothy Jean PILE 11th July 2012 aged 80
114Sidney James PILE died 15th April
Elsie B. PILE died 13th July 1986
177James William PILE died Jan 1st 1919 aged 52
Emma Jane Pile died Sept 18th 1957 aged 83
20Bessie POLKINGHORNE died April 21st, 1947
147Mary Ann POOLE died Dec 3 1932
John POOLE died May 3rd 1961
38John PUGSLEY departed this life April 16th 19(3?)
Agnes PUGSLEY departed this life January 30th 1929
46James PUGSLEY at rest September 2nd 1927
Emma PUGSLEY at rest March 16 1932
27Brian Albert PUTTICK 1938 – 1998


188David RAWLE (Dave) 1915 to 2007
Nettie RAWLE 1916 to 2007
103Barbara Mary RAWSTRON WHITTAKER died August 29 1957
James RAWSTRON WHITTAKER died April 27 1969
167Philip RICHARDS died Nov 15th 1899
09Pamela Ann RICKARD passed away March 8th 1995
12James Joseph RIDD-JONES (not complete)
Florence RIDD-JONES July 17th 1954
16Daisie Julia RIDD who passed away May 16th 1929.
Edith RIDD who died March 13th 1960
17Richard Charles RIDD who passed away February 26th 1949.
Ada RIDD died December 4th 1957
73Douglas Partride RIDD passed away 23.08.1964
Annie RIDD passed away 28.3.1967
70Claude ROGERS died 26th March 2003
195Amelia ROOK died Sept 18th 1937
122Grace Winifred Dorothy ROUSE


49Fred SANDERS who fell asleep 10th April 1995
22George SHAPLAND died July 19th 1945
Martha SHAPLAND died June 20th 1967
116Silvanus SHUTE 1909 – 1982
Dora Elizabeth SHUTE
71Arthur Frederick SIMMONDS died 3rd July 2006
5Henry SMYTH Died March 5th 1953 Edith SMYTH Died November 10th 1962
56Lilian SLATER died Candlemas Day 1926.
Sam SLATER died 10th August 1957
Dorothy SLATER died 7th February 1966
108William Thomas SLOMAN at rest 16th March 1949
Agnes Mary SLOMAN at rest 5th June 1955
John Thomas SLOMAN died Nov. 12th 1972
Jenny SLOMAN died Jan 31st 1937
121John Hotham SMERDON 1894 -1968
Pat SMERDON 1900 – 1992
170Ellen SMITH died June 27th 1912
29Edith Emma SMYTH
John SMYTH passed peacefully away 1.6.1925
Hannah SMYTH died 26th October 19??.
Beatrice SMYTH who died 6th July 1971
43Frederick SMYTH died 11th December 1932
84Edith SMYTH (Betty) passed away 14th January 2005
112Archie SMYTH of East Bodley   died 1st January 1971
73aMary SMYTH died 29th Nov 2014 aged 101
120Ethel SMYTH died 16.12.63
George Ernest SMYTH died 6.6.98
124Charles George SMYTH passed away May 24th 1943
Ada SMYTH died Feb 11th 1973
128William SMYTH passed away March 9th 1961
129John SMYTH died 8th Feb 1971
156Ernest Arthur SMYTH passed away December 8th 1962
Eva Flossie SMYTH passed away Jan 21st 1971
157Arthur L. SMYTH died 1981.
Kathleen SMYTH died 1994
158Daisy Edith SMYTH fell asleep June 27th 1925
George Henry SMYTH fell asleep March 2. 1951
6Tom SQUIRE of East Hill 11/8/1962
Hilda SQUIRE 17/9/1989
140Samuel William SUMMERILL died Jan 7th
Ruby Elizabeth SUMMERILL died Dec. 2nd 1991


2Bertram TAYLER M.C. and BAR. Major died April 12th 1964
Victoria Charlotte Marion TAYLER died January 17th 1978
61E. F. A. TOMLISON 1898 -1962
79Thomas TOSSELL died 7.5.1971
Alice TOSSELL died 21.7.1977
116Elizabeth Ann TOSSELL passed peacefully away 23.5.1948
Thomas Henry TOSSELL passed peacefully away 28.6.1952
180Gerald Henry TUCKER born 5 July 1953 died 23rd March 2014
33Mavis Joan TUCKER died 14th April 1978
John Charles TUCKER died 6th September 2012
77Herbert TUCKER passed away 27th May 1966
Alice Mary TUCKER passed away 17th November 1986
102Florence M. TUCKER passed away 19th Feb. 1954
Ernest William TUCKER died 9th July
115Herbert Gerald TUCKER died18th June 1979
118Minnie TUCKER died March 23rd 1953
169James TUCKER died   September 10th 1900
180Gerald TUCKER


76Lily Louisa WALTERS died Feb 12 1964
George WALTERS died 13.3.1974
187Gilbert Henry WALTERS died 24th August 2007
126Nancy WESTACOTT died Aug 26th
37Thomas WIDDON fell asleep February 23rd 1910
Fanny WIDDON passed away August 3rd
32Frederick Charles WHITE passed away on October 22nd 1954
Bessie Ann WHITE passed away May 22nd 1966
39Eva WHITE fell asleep in Jesus 6th July 1923
96Kenneth Anthony WHITE died 16 March 1974
Eva Mary WHITE nee WHITTAKER died 22 Dec 2010
174Thomas WHITE died, April 7th 1904.
Sarah WHITE died October 20th 1918
142Elizabeth WHITEFIELD at rest. December 27th 1941
146Brigadier Arthur George WILLISON 1896 – 1966
101Louisa WOOD passed away suddenly May 29th 1952
George WOOD who died October 1st 1961
91Ruby Kathleen WOOLLAN died 6th October 1993
15Sydney Thoma WORTH who passed February 5th 1937
Mary Ellen WORTH December 4th 1948
190William James WORTH passed away 1st March 2005
Edna Mary WORTH passed away 2nd March 2004
193James WORTH died June 14th 1961 aged 75 years
Ellen WORTH died April 3rd 1976 aged 86 years
163William WYATT died June 14th 1900


90Annie Elizabeth YORK passed away February 17th 2005


172Florence Mary ZEALLEY died 28th May 1974
Charles Aubrey ZEALLEY died 23 Sept
197Remembering the stillborn – safe in God’s keeping

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