100 Objects 06: Hydraulic Ram

Reported by Linda Blanchard, this hydraulic ram can be seen close to the Hunters Inn road between Killington Manor and Kittitoe. Rams were used to pump water from a flowing river or stream to a higher level where water was needed. They were very common and you can sometimes hear the repetitive hammering sound of a working pump when walking in the countryside – and they are still for sale if you need one. This example, although now unused, is fairly intact with the ram, the pipe work and a storage tank still in place. If anyone knows more about it please get in touch. There is lots of information about how they work on YouTube and also see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydraulic_ram . After posting about this on Facebook we had a comment from Mike Penford who remembers it when walking down in the summer holidays to play with the Hutchins who lived at the YHA hostel in about 1950/5 and then stopping on a hot day to get a drink of water from when walking back up the hill.

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