Meeting Minutes 5 January 2021

A virtual meeting of the above-named Parish Council held on Tuesday 5th January 2021 at 7.30pm
using Zoom as the internet meeting tool.

Present: – Cllr’s. Austin, S. Bastock, H Bloore, Cheetham, D Harding and Holtom (Chairman).
Also, in attendance, County Cllr. A Davis, together with
one member of the public and the Clerk

01/01/21 The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting and wished them all a Happy New Year

02/01/21 Open Public Participation Session

At the time, no members of the public were in attendance

03/01/21 Police Report


04/01/21 County Council Report
County Councillor A Davis reported that the Recycling Centres are still open although the resale area within them are closed.

The government published the Future of mobility: urban strategy, in March 2019, the Department for Transport are now seeking views and evidence on what could be incorporated into a Future of Transport.

If you are a family who are worrying about money and struggling to pay for basic household essentials, please be aware that you can apply for help through funding that is available via the District Council hardship funds, this was the money sent to the District Councils from DCC for any households requiring extra help. There’s more about what financial and food support is available for families in Devon on the website. 

Reminder about reporting a highway problem: 0345 155 1004

05/01/21 District Council Report

District Councillor J Patrinos emailed his report:

“1. I’ve mentioned the Workhub in Lynton that will have office space open to let to people in surrounding parishes. A change of use application has been submitted and it is extremely likely the £100k grant will be received.

  1. I’ll keep people updated on the new business support grants announced this morning by the Chancellor through social media.”

06/01/21 Exmoor National Park Authority update
Cllr. Holtom reported that after the holiday break there was no pressing issues and that a meeting had been scheduled for next Tuesday (12th January 2021)

The Chairman invited a member of the public who had arrived to speak if he so required.
He stated that the planned work of felling the ash-dieback trees, stated in the last meeting, was to be postponed until February 2nd. Also, they had laid a fence in the wrong place and that it is to be removed as soon as they are able to fell four trees in order to accomplish this feat

Closed Council session
07/01/21 To receive apologies for absence
Cllr. J. Patrinos

08/01/21 Declarations of Member’s Interests

09/01/21 To approve and to sign the Minutes of the meetings held on 1st December and 15th December 2020
Both were approved. Proposed by Cllr. Austin and seconded by Cllr. Bastock and carried unanimously

10/01/21 Matters arising

The Chairman reported that the National Grid were delivering up to 50 apples trees and asked if he could have some help in heeling them in? Cllr. Bastock offered assistance

11/01/21 Casual vacancy for Parish Councillor
No progress was reported

12/01/21 Parracombe Community Trust

/1 Progress on the village shop

Cllr. Austin reported that the selection process to find a contractor was progressing with the proposed work to be split in two working parts. The groundwork and construction. It is hoped the groundwork will start within two months. The Chairman reported that they hope that a certified copy of the Deeds will suffice with the solicitors. The Chairman also reported, that unfortunately, the legal costs had now risen

Cllr H Bloore arrived at the meeting

/2 Affordable housing project
The Chairman stated that the funding is now in place and are just waiting a start date

/3 Village Hall

Cllr. Austin reported that the back roof and kitchen roof was in a poor state of repair and needed attention. The Committee were looking into the problem re costs with the surveyor

13/01/21 Planning applications

Planning applications – new (2)

/1 WTCA 20/17


Proposal: Works to Trees in Conservation Area: Proposed felling of 4no Ash Trees

The Council supported the necessary felling of the trees on safety grounds providing it is within accordance with National Park Policy

/2 62/50/20/016


Proposal: Proposed variation of Conditions 2 and 9 of approved application 62/50/18/004 to allow the addition of clock tower, glazing and re-orientation of timber cladding, together with the use of first floor as sitting area/observatory.

The Council are disappointed that another application has requested retrospective planning permission and ask that this should not be the norm. However, the Council feel it is of a sympathetic design and has not broken any planning regulations as far as they are able to tell. Therefore, they submit “No Observations” to this request

Planning applications pending – (3)

/3 62/50/20/015

Proposal: Proposed erection of 2 no. two storey extensions.

/4 62/50/19/013

Rowley Moor Farm, Parracombe, Devon

Proposed conversion of stables to one Local Needs Affordable dwelling. – Under consideration by Officers

/5 62/50/20/004

Location: Land in Field to the North of the A39 West of Holwell Wood, and Land on Access track to Rowley Barton. Proposal: Proposed reinstatement of railway line, creation of cutting and embankment previously removed together with new railway bridge. (amendment to approved application ref 62/50/16/001) – Registered. Not yet decided

14/01/21 Finance:

/1 Additional payments made since the last notification of the Agenda: –

Clark salary for October and November £ 245.76 – Cheque

A Cut Above £ 170.00 – BACS

Landscape Professional £ 115.75 – BACS

/2 Financial report from the Clerk

The Clerk had nothing more to add to this item

15/01/21 Roles and Responsibilities Reports if warranted

/1 PROWS: Footpaths & Bridleways
The Chairman reported that a large beech tree had fallen across a path and was awaiting removal. Cllr. Cheetham reported that the National Park had been working on clearing paths of brambles, constructing new styles and gates and it was much appreciated

/2 Highways: Signage/Drains/potholes and surfaces
There were reports of blocked drains that had been reported and that Cllr. Davis would check and follow this matter to find out what the hold up is. There was concern about flooding in and near the Fox and Goose Inn if this was not rectified

/3 Trees and Playing field equipment
Cllr. Davis reported that playing fields would remain open during the present lock-down. Cllr. Bastock reported that protection had been placed around an oak sapling

/4 Emergency Planning and Snow warden
Cllr. Harding reported that she had attended one of the emergency training courses and thanked the Clerk for passing on a sample emergency plan from a different parish.

Discussion took place re the sighting of the bags of salt and the damage to the water courses if overly used. It was recommended that only a small amount be used (perhaps one tablespoon per cubic metre). Salt is stored at present in the village hall

/5 Liaison with school and Church
Cllr. Harding reported that the school was closed but the parish church would be holding a plough service in the near future

/6 Website and publicity, communications

Nothing to report

/7 Liaison with PCT
As stated in item 12/01/21

/8 Planning noting applications contact for affected parties and applicants & LPA

Nothing new to report

/9 Finance
The Clerk reported that he will start the internal audit either this or next month

/10 Human resources

Nothing new to report

16/01/21 Opportunities for nature recovery

As stated on the December minutes

17/01/21 Parish Council Logo

It was agreed after discussion that Cllr. Austin would circulate to the Members the designs he had previously received

18/01/21 Possible Parish meeting for the future
Cllr. Harding reported that this was still work in progress

19/01/21 Information sheet for new parishioners

Cllr. Harding agreed to write a draft presentation

20/01/21 Tim and Jemma’s plaque

Pending current emergency lock-down. Will proceed as soon as it is safe to do so

21/01/21 Correspondence


22/01/21 To confirm the date of the next meeting

Tuesday 2nd March

23/01/21 Items for the next agenda

The meeting finished at 20.26

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