Memorial Stone in Parracombe Bridge

Memorial Stone in the Parracombe Bridge Foundations

View of bridge over river Heddon Parracombe

An early medieval (Saxon – 410 AD to 1065 AD) memorial stone is alleged to have been built into the foundations of Parracombe Bridge.  The inscribed stone bearing nearly twenty letters with indenting between, was described by the Reverend Samuel Badcock.  It was said to have been built into the foundation of the bridge in about 1775 having previously stood very near Holwell Castle. The stone possibly still exists in an inaccessible position within the foundations which were widened in 1864. However as the bridge was destroyed in the 1952 Lynmouth flood disaster so its whereabouts are likely to remain unknown.

The above image is of Parracombe bridge taken in 1907, you can see the original stone construction before it was rebuilt in the 1950’s.

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