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Minutes 1 February 2022

A meeting of the above-named Parish Council held on Tuesday 1st February 2022 at 7.30pm in the village hall.

Present: – Cllrs. D Austin, S Cheetham, S Bastock, D Harding and J Holtom (Chairman).
Also, in attendance, was County Councillor A Davis together with the Clerk and three members of the public.

01/02/22 The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting and began by reading out the Clerk’s reluctant letter of resignation due to his deteriorating health.

02/02/22 Open Public Participation Session

A member of the public asked what the Council are to do about the letter that all residences in the village had received from the L&BR to attend the exhibition on 11th & 12th February at the Woody Bay station between 10.00am and 4.00pm? The Chairman replied that until a planning application had been received there is nothing the Council can do save attending the exhibition to see what is entailed.

03/02/22 Police Report


04/02/22 County Council Report
Councillor A Davis read her report which included the latest Coronavirus figures for Devon showing that they were above the average for England with a significant spread in schools and care homes; also, concerning the 20mph speed limits, that there is a new way of considering the requests has now been approved by Cabinet, helping to ensure that the communities that would most benefit from lower vehicle speeds are considered first. The Chairman asked about the possibility of extending Parracombe’s one before the new housing is built?

05/02/22 District Council Report


06/02/22 Exmoor National Park Authority update


Closed Council session
07/02/22 To receive apologies for absence.

Cllrs. J Patrinos and H Bloore.

08/02/22 Declarations of Member’s Interests

09/02/22 To approve and to sign the Minutes of the meeting held on 11th January 2022.

This were signed as a correct record.

10/02/22 Matters arising

11/02/22 Casual vacancy for Parish Councillor


12/02/22 Parracombe Community Trust

/1 Progress on the village shop

Cllr. Austin reported that good progress was being made, with the walls painted, the floor will be tiled, and the toilet put in within two weeks. Also, the play area will be upgraded.

/2 Affordable housing project

The Chairman reported that the project is moving forward, with the 20mph speed limit to be moved and the landscape visual impact assessment in hand.

/3 Village Hall

    • Austin reported that the kitchen is almost finished thanks to a lot of local help.
    • The National Lottery have been approached for capital funding to £14,650.
    • The Chairman reported that there was a problem with the car park lease and that he is looking into the situation with the solicitors.
    • The PCT have updated the multi-use area.

13/02/22 Planning applications (New 3)

/1 62/50/22/001


Proposal: Proposed change of use of field from agriculture to residential, to allow dog-walking area, together with, the creation of fenced area for off-lead dog exercise (50m x 20m). Retrospective.

After discussion it was decided to object to this application, by a vote of 4 to nil with one abstention, on the grounds that the dog-walking area was too close to the bridle path that leads onto the main A39 at a very dangerous junction. There is a strong possibility that the horses could become frightened and bolt with the dog noise and their action. Proposed by Cllr. Austin and seconded by Cllr. Bastock.

/2 62/50/22/002

Proposal: Proposed first floor extension.

It was reported that the increase in size of this project was a 35% increase in area and that this is greater than the ENPA policy on building increase. The elected members voted unanimously to object to this application

/3 62/50/22/003


Proposal: Hedgerow removal notice for the proposed removal of four x 5 metre sections of hedgerow.

The Council decided that they could see no reasonable agricultural reason at all to remove these 70-year-old hedgerows and drastically ruin the environment. The Council unanimously decided to object to this application. This application is outside the proposed red line.

Planning applications – pending or decided (5)

/4 62/50/21/018
Location: Blackmoor Gate Market, Kentisbury, Barnstaple, EX31 4NW
Proposal: Proposed demolition of open-sided sale ring and erection of building (320 sqm) for use as livestock sale ring and associated office, store and toilets. – Consultation Stage

/5 62/50/21/013

Location: The Mill House, Road from Fox Goose Inn to The Mill House, Parracombe, EX31 4PE

Proposal: Proposed conversion of attached ground floor store to extend dwelling, including refurbishment, repair and other external works. – Registered

/6 62/50/21/014LB

Location: The Mill House, Road from Fox Goose Inn to The Mill House, Parracombe, EX31 4PE

Proposal: Listed Building Consent for the proposed conversion of attached ground floor store to extend dwelling, including refurbishment, repair and other external works. – Registered

/7 62/50/21/015


Proposal: Proposed Loft conversion including dormer windows, roof light and other associated works. – Registered

/8 62/50/19/013

Rowley Moor Farm, Parracombe, Devon

Proposed conversion of stables to one Local Needs Affordable dwelling. – Under consideration by Officers

/9 Other planning matters


14/02/22 Finance:

/1 Additional payments made since the last notification of the agenda: –


Payments yet to be made: – Nil

The Clerk reported that he will start the internal audit this week

15/02/22 Roles and Responsibilities Reports if warranted.

/1 PROWS: Footpaths & Bridleways:

Cllr. Cheetham reported that a large stone had fallen from a stile near Church Cottage and that he has reported this to DCC. It was also reported that the gate at the bottom of Bodley Lane was in need of attention and that Cllr. Bastock would report this matter. – Action Cllr. Bastock

/2 Highways: Signage/drains/potholes and surfaces:

/3 Trees:

Cllr. Holtom said he will be in touch with the arboriculturalist concerning the work with the trees in the village that is overdue. – Action Cllr. Holtom

/4 Emergency Planning and Snow warden:

See item 16/02/22.

/5 Liaison with school and Church:

Cllr. Harding reported that there will be a service in the church next Sunday and that masks will still be worn.

/6 Website and publicity, communications:


/7 Liaison with PCT:

As above.

/8 Planning noting applications contact for affected parties and applicants & LPA:

As above

/9 Finance:

As above.

/10 Human resources:

Cllr. Bastock has drafted the advert for the Clerk’s position and that it will be advertised in D.A.L.C. as well as on the local website. – Action Cllr. Bastock

16/02/22 Emergency Plan:

It was agreed that Cllr. Harding and the Clerk to meet to finalise the emergency plan

17/02/22 Exmoor National Park Authority is seeking views on the Local Plan as part of the 5-year Local Plan:

Review process.

18/02/22 Proposed Height and weight restrictions on lanes:

Cllr. A Davis reported that it is unlikely that Highways would erect weight and height restrictions but asked the Clerk to email her details of where they might be needed. – Action Clerk

19/02/22 Her Majesty the Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service.

Cllr. Austin reported that the PCT will be organising a beacon fire up in the old quarry and that celebrations would take place there. Also, it was agreed to plant a tree with a plaque, and the Clerk, with Cllr. A Davis’s help, would find out the cost etc. – Action Clerk

20/02/22 Water bill for old pavilion:

It was agreed, after discussion, that the Clerk would contact South West Water to find out about the large invoice PCT have had for a water leak that could have happened during the Council’s time with SWW. – Action Clerk

21/02/22 Buckingham Palace Garden Party: 25 May 2022:

It was agreed that the Chairman and his wife be nominated to attend. – Action Clerk

22/02/22 Correspondence:


23/02/22 To confirm the date of the next meeting:

Tuesday April 5th, 2022, in the village hall

24/02/22 Items for the next agenda:

Grass cutting

The meeting finished at 20.58

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