Minutes 1 October 2019

Meeting of Parracombe Parish Council held on Tuesday 1 October 2019 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.
Councillors present: Cllrs. Austin, S. Bastock, Bloore, D Harding, Holtom (chairman) and Cllr Cheetham
Also, in attendance: – County Cllr. Davis together with three members of the public and the Clerk

01/10/19Welcome and Introduction by the Chairman
The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.
02/10/19Open Public Participation Session
A member of the public voiced his concerns at the lack of speed by the solicitors to complete the signing of the village hall lease. The Chairman replied he would look into the situation. – Action Chairman
Closed Council session
02/08/19To receive apologies for absence Cllr. Green and District Cllr. Patrinos
04/10/19Declaration of Member’s Interests
05/10/19Planning Matters (6)
New Planning Applications (1)
/162/50/19/011 (full application)
Proposed change of use of garage, workshop and store to three-bedroom holiday cottage unit.  Discussion took place on this proposed change of use and the original retrospective permission that was granted in order to store items and provide garage and workshop to meet the needs of the residences on the property and their letting cottages. It appeared from the application that the needs met by the subject building remained and therefore the building could not be described as redundant, if correct the proposal did not appear to conform to policy RT-D4. The meeting was concerned that the cycle could be repeated and that this proposal already amounted to an over intensification.
The building is in very close proximity to the neighbour’s property and indeed their trees overhang the building. The change of use would impact on tranquillity and local amenity (close to PROWs and neighbouring land).
This proposal would lead to increased use of the access and parking by a greater number of vehicles affecting the PROW that follows the private access for most of its length. Concerns at the limitations of the public road serving the property, which is already heavily trafficked, steep and very narrow and is an important link between PROWS (both footpaths and bridleways).
The Chairman put it to a vote and being proposed by Cllr Bloore, seconded by Cllr. Cheetham and it was agreed unanimously to object to this application on the above grounds.
/2WTCA 19/10 (Works to Trees in Conservation Area)
To fell 1 no. Ash tree at St. Petrock’s Church showing early signs of ash die-back St Petrock’s Church, Church Lane, Parracombe, Devon
Whilst the Council have no objections to the felling of this tree on safety grounds especially being near a very old and listed church we do ask if the National Park Officer ensures that the tree is dead and/or that only needed branches be taken off. The Council regrets the loss of any tree.
/3GDO 19/11 Proposed erection of Telecomms Mast and associated kit at Killington Farm for emergency services
(Grid Ref E266219 N145995). Killington Farm, Parracombe, Devon
The Council feels there is insufficient evidence and/or supporting documents to make a valued judgement. The Council asks, therefore, that this matter be deferred until more information becomes available
/4WTCA 19/12 (Works to Trees in Conservation Area)
Remove Ash tree displaying early signs of Ash Die-Back Middle Bodley Farm, Parracombe, Barnstaple, Devon
Whilst the Council have no objections to the felling of this tree on safety grounds; we do ask if the National Park Officer ensures that the tree is dead and/or that only needed branches be taken off. The Council regrets the loss of any tree.
/562/50/19/012 Application to modify Section 106 Agreement under application 62/50/93/003 to change the agricultural/forestry worker occupancy restriction to rural worker occupancy restriction
Heale Farm, Parracombe, Barnstaple, Devon
The Clerk stated that this application he had only received that morning but felt that the Council should be made aware of the application.
Cllr, Holtom declared an interest in this application and although, not leaving the room, took no part in the discussion as this was not on the original agenda.
It was agreed to to the return date, of twenty-one days, until the next meeting. This was agreed by all.
Planning decisions: (3)
/162/50/19/006 Application to discharge Section 106 Agreement under application 62/50/93/003. As per additional information. – Heale Farm, Parracombe, Barnstaple, Devon
/262/50/18/006 Proposed two storey extension and alterations to existing property. Resubmission of withdrawn application 62/50/18/003 as per amended plans and additional information) Ivy Cottage Parracombe approved 06th September 2019
/362/50/19/010 Proposed demolition of agricultural buildings and erection of 3 dwellings (one principle residence and 2 local needs affordable) as per amended plans etc. Land opposite Broadipark, Parracombe Withdrawn 27th August
County Councillor Davis joined the meeting at 8.40pm
Planning enforcement (1)
An update concerning suspected change of use, The Old Forge Cllr. Austin stated he had been in contact with Mr Trevor Short, enforcement officer, who has visited the property and is monitoring the situation
06/10/19Standing Orders
The Chairman read the standing Orders and various parts were changed to fit the Parishes use. The Clerk was to update and circulate to all the members -Action Clerk
07/10/19Hard and soft copies of Minutes and Agenda – the need
After discussion it was agreed to stop the use of hard copies save for agendas for the public. Electronic copied would only now be used.
08/10/19Devon County Council, Highways Parish & Town Council Conference 2019
Cllr. Davis reported that through the Counties website one could report and make comments
09/10/19To confirm the date of the next meeting
Tuesday 5th November 2019
Other important matters discussed at the Chairman’s discretion

  1. Cllr. Davis report was read out and the Clerk was asked to circulate to all Councillors – Action Clerk
  2. The Chairman reported that it was of the most utmost urgency that the Members discussed the red phone boxes in the village as BT was going to remove them unless we give a response the next day.
    After discussion it was agreed to keep both boxes, even if one was not working as the mobile signal in the village was very poor and they were part of our heritage. – Action Chairman

The meeting closed at 21.25

David Hatherley
(Clerk to Parracombe Parish Council)

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