Minutes 2 March 2021

A virtual meeting of the above-named Parish Council held on Tuesday 2nd March 2021 at 7.30pm
using Zoom as the internet meeting tool.

Present: – Cllr’s. Austin, S. Bastock, H Bloore, Cheetham and Holtom (Chairman).
Also, in attendance, County Cllr. A Davis, together with one member of the public and the Clerk


01/03/21 Welcome by the Chairman and Introduction

02/03/21 Open Public Participation Session

One member of the public asked to speak concerning planning application WTCA 21/02. The Chairman invited him to speak when it was due on the agenda

03/03/21 Police Report

There was no police report.

04/03/21 County Council Report
Please see separate report attached to these minutes.

05/03/21 District Council Report
No report was given due to illness.

06/03/21 Exmoor National Park Authority update

The Chairman reported from the meeting he attended that morning which included the change of use of the Tourist and Information office at County Gate to a café as well as being an information centre. This will be run by the National Trust. There will be parking meters at Tarr Steps as well as North Hill at Minehead. The National Park were relatively happy with the financial situation they find themselves in, because of the Covid situation they have not spent as much as normal. Concern was voiced that when the visitors return, they will not respect the environment and remove their litter.

Closed Council session
07/03/21 To receive apologies for absence.

Apologies were received from Cllr. Harding and District Councillor Patrinos

08/03/21 Declarations of Member’s Interests
No members declared an interest save for those related to work involving the PCT.

09/03/21 To approve and to sign the Minutes of the meetings held on 5th January 2021.

These were singed as a correct record. (The Clerk signed them on the Chairman’s behalf). Proposed by Cllr. Austin, seconded by Cllr. Cheetham and carried unanimously.

10/03/21 Matters arising

11/03/21 Casual vacancy for Parish Councillor

There were no further updates.

12/03/21 Parracombe Community Trust

/1 Progress on the village shop

The Chairman reported the situation with the lease that it is in the hands of the solicitor and the Chairman will be chasing this important item to get it signed as soon as possible. Cllr. Austin reported that the work will start on the building and that Paul Smyth has been contracted to building the pavilion and is hoped to start in the middle of March. Cllr. Austin stated that the car parking facilities will be started first as a hard service is needed to get heavy plant onto the site. It should be noted that the carpark will be closed for a time whilst the initial work starts, and residents will need to be notified.

/2 Affordable housing project

The Chairman reported that the submission has had to be resubmitted to North Devon Council and now await the approval.

/3 Village Hall

Cllr. Austin reported that the committee is putting forward a capital bid to the National Lottery. They are hoping that the bid would include re-furbishment as well as to include surveying and legal costs.

13/03/21 Planning applications

Planning applications – new (1)

/1 WTCA 21/02

Location: Land embanking route of former railway to east of Hednacott.

Proposal: Works to Trees in Conservation Area: fell 4 trees to ground level, two ash and two sycamore, in order to carry out boundary works.

The member of the public who was invited to speak earlier stated that the trees would be removed on Friday and Monday (5th & 8th March 2021). The Chairman instructed the Clerk to write to Planning control to state that the Parish Council had no objection to the work. – Action Clerk

Planning applications pending – (5)

/2 WTCA 20/17


Proposal: Works to Trees in Conservation Area: Proposed felling of 4no Ash Trees – Registered

/3 62/50/20/016


Proposal: Proposed variation of Conditions 2 and 9 of approved application 62/50/18/004 to allow the addition of clock tower, glazing and re-orientation of timber cladding, together with the use of first floor as sitting area/observatory. – Approved with condition

/4 62/50/20/015

Proposal: Proposed erection of 2 no. two storey extensions. – Approved with conditions

/5 62/50/19/013

Rowley Moor Farm, Parracombe, Devon

Proposed conversion of stables to one Local Needs Affordable dwelling. – Under consideration by Officers

/6 62/50/20/004

Location: Land in Field to the North of the A39 West of Holwell Wood, and Land on Access track to Rowley Barton. Proposal: Proposed reinstatement of railway line, creation of cutting and embankment previously removed together with new railway bridge. (amendment to approved application ref 62/50/16/001) – Under consideration by Officers.

The above planning applications were noted by the Council.

/7 Other planning matters

The Clerk reported on an email received, by a member of the public in Parracombe, concerned, again, at the overgrown state of Tar footpath and that there seems to be a change of use at 2 The Terrace, Parracombe, EX31 4QT. The Clerk had been liaising with Cllr. Bloore, the owner, and the Chairman.

Cllr. Bloore stated that most of the footpath had been tidied with only about ten metres to do before the bird nesting season. She stated that she was not aware of any change of use at her premises but had contacted the National Park Planning Authorities and was waiting their response.

The Chairman stated that if action was to be taken it would be direct with the Planning authorities and the Parish Council would not be involved because of the situation.

14/03/21 Finance:

/1 Additional payments made since the last notification of the Agenda: –

Together Insurance Solutions Parish Council Insurance £685.83 – Bank Tr
Devon CC Grant for Zoom meetings £143.88 – Income

EDF Energy Pavilion £ 42.26 – Bank Tr

Clerk’s salary for December 2020 and January 2021 £245.76 – Cheque

Mileage Clerk, Internal audit £ 5.68 – Cheque

Exmoor Society Membership £ 20.00 – Bank Tr

/2 Financial report from the Clerk – (See Appendix A)

The Clerk showed the up-to-date accounts on the screen and reported that VAT had been reclaimed for the year. The Internal auditor had been paid and a cheque that had never been cashed for £40, had been re-deposited in the current account.

/3 Internal audit report – (See Appendix B)

The Council noted the report and asked the Clerk to write a letter of thanks to the Internal auditor.

– Action Clerk

Cllr. Austin said that part of the pavilion project is to install renewable energy during the construction. A grant has been applied for with North Devon Council and contact has been made to Exmoor Trust for a grant. He felt that North Devon Council would expect the Parish Council to fund some of the cost. He said the Council are looking at £16,000 in total. Exmoor Trust will put up half of that and with help from North Devon Council the total cost could be found. Proposed by Cllr. Cheetham seconded by Cllr. Bloore to give £2,000 pounds to the project and carried unanimously.

15/03/21 Roles and Responsibilities

/1 PROWS: Footpaths & Bridleways:

Nothing to report.

/2 Highways: Signage/Drains/potholes and surfaces:

It was noted that the drains were still blocked along the village hall lane as well as by the Fox & Goose Inn. The Clerk was asked to contact Devon Council. – Action Clerk

/3 Trees and Playing field equipment:
The Clerk informed the Council that the play equipment would be checked sometime this month.

/4 Emergency Planning and Snow warden:

Nothing to report.

/5 Liaison with school and Church:
Nothing to report.

/6 Website and publicity, communications:
Nothing to report.

/7 Liaison with PCT:
Nothing to report.

/8 Planning noting applications contact for affected parties and applicants & LPA
Nothing to report.

/9 Finance:
Nothing to report.

/10 Human resources:
Nothing to report.

16/03/21 2021 Census
The Parish Clerk outlined the process of filling the form in on-line, as the Government has advised. More information can be found at: – https://census.gov.uk/ Census completion day is Sunday 21st March 2021.

17/03/21 Parish Council Logo

Cllr. Austin reported that no progress has been made.

18/03/21 Possible Annual Parish meeting for the future

The Clerk pointed out the drawbacks of having a village meeting under the Parish Council’s banner and that perhaps it might be better to hold more of an informal meeting. It was suggested, by the Chairman, that this should go to the PCT.

19/03/21 Information sheet for new parishioners

To be held over to the next meeting

20/03/21 Tim and Jemma’s plaque

To be held over to the next meeting

21/03/21 Request from the Parochial Church Council

The Clerk read out a letter from the Parochial Church Council asking for a donation towards the upkeep of the churchyard. After discussion it was agreed to donate the same as last year (£100). All members were in favour of this proposal.

22/03/21 Correspondence


23/03/21 To confirm the date of the next meeting.
The Clerk said the AGM should be held next month. During this meeting normal business will not take place, except urgent business at the Chairman’s discretion. The objective of the meeting is to elect a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Posts of responsibilities and the annual signing of the Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, etc.

It was agreed to hold this on Tuesday 6th April 2021 at 7.30pm

24/03/21 Items for the next agenda

It was proposed by Cllr. Bastock and seconded by Cllr. Cheetham that the lease for the new pavilion should be signed before the next meeting subject to the correct wording. All Members were in favour.

The meeting finished at 20.30

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