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Minutes 20 August 2019

Meeting of Parracombe Parish Council held on Tuesday 20 August 2019 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.
Councillors present: Cllr. Austin, Cllr. Holtom (Chairman), Cllr. Cheetham, Cllr. Green,
Cllr. Harding (taking minutes) and District Cllr. Patrinos
Together with five members of the public

Welcome and Introduction by the Chairman
Introduction and welcome by the Chairman
Cllr. Holtom gave a welcome to all present and a brief description of the purpose of the meeting.
01/08/19 Open Public Participation Session
All five members of the public spoke voicing their concerns over this application in item four below.
Whilst the members of the public were in broad support of the need for affordable housing in the village they voiced various concerns such as access limitation, drainage, risk of flooding, viability concerns, not enough information on sewerage and surface water, situated in a conservation area and highway concerns as being a dangerous access in a small lane
Closed Council session
02/08/19 Apologies were received from Cllrs. Bastock and County Cllr. Davies
03/07/19 Declaration of Member’s Interests
Cllr. Harding is a member of Parracombe Community Trust (PCT)
Cllr. Austin is on the board of the PCT
Cllr. Holtom is on the board of the PCT
Cllr. Patrinos is a member of the National Parks Authority
Cllr. Holtom is a member of the National Parks Authority
04/07/19 Planning Matters (1)
The Minutes of the June meeting were signed as a correct record.
New Planning Applications (1)
Proposed demolition of an agricultural building and erection of three dwellings (one open market and two affordable). Land opposite Broadipark, Bodley Lane, Parracombe.

Discussions took place during which the Council stated that it is very much in favour of affordable housing but following hearing from members of the public and their own discussions it was decided to oppose this application unanimously on the following grounds:

Highways Policy AC-DC Bodley Lane is a single-track dead-end road. Traffic, parking and access have been raised by residents as being problematical at previous PCC meetings. PCC has applied to Highways for signs to make drivers of larger vehicles aware that Bodley Lane is narrow and a dead end. An increase in traffic movement, flow and weight of traffic would be detrimental to the safety of all users of the road.

New Build dwellings in settlements Policy HC-D3 No evidence for affordable housing need has been supplied with this application.

Cultural Heritage PolicyCE-S4. Bodly Lane is within a conservation area. This application states that it is not.

Sewage Disposal and Sewage Disposal Policy CC-D5. The application does not contain any detail on how sewage and surface water is to be managed. This historic area suffers from flooding. Three additional properties will have a huge impact on the environmental issues the lane cannot bear.

The ecology survey was carried out at the wrong time of year to reflect a true picture of the environmental impact.

The barn has been used in recent years and is not a redundant building and we can assume that the adjoining land will continue in agricultural use.

During the 59 sites that were looked at following the survey this site was rejected on highway grounds, but other issues noted in the assessment (conservation area, effect on listed property and effect upon neighbours are all echoed in public responses to this application).

The viability assessment appears not to comply either with Parks Policy or RICS Guidance (which is mandatory).

Parracombe Parish Council reflects the members of the Community strong feeling. The Council did not receive any communication supporting this application.

Proposed by Cllr. Austin seconded Cllr. Harding and carried unanimously.

At the discretion of the Chairman, a member of the public was allowed to speak. She asked if this application did go through could some sort of traffic calming be installed in Bodley Lane?
Councillors agreed to seek this should the application be approved.

06/07/19 Grass Cutting
Various observations were made such as: –
The grass was cut prior to the star gazing night.
An invoice has been received and Councillors agreed to pay.
This item to be put on the Agenda for next meeting.
Three tenders required by the time we set the precept.
Ask Lynton how many cuts they have?
Does the whole of the area need to be cut?
Does Mark Collins need to collect each time?
Every other cut a mulch?
Ask the two church’s for quotes from their grass cutters?
06/07/19 To confirm the date of the next meeting
Tuesday 3rd September 2019

The meeting finished at 20.50

David Hatherley
(Clerk to Parracombe Parish Council)

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