Minutes 3 December 2019

Meeting of Parracombe Parish Council held on Tuesday 3th December 2019 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

Present: – Cllr’s. Austin, (Chairman) S. Bastock, D Harding, Cheetham and Green. Also in attendance four members of the public and the Clerk

01/11/19Welcome and Introduction by the Chairman
The chairman welcomed all to the meeting.
02/11/19Open Public Participation Session Two members of the public, who were representing Trentishoe parish, firstly apologised for not bringing the possible merger of the two parishes to a Council meeting first and were sorry that Parracombe Parish Council found out about the matter through another parish body. They summarised the geographical and logistic merger with Parracombe rather than a possible merger with another parish. They pointed out that there was roughly only twenty-two dwelling in Trentishoe therefore to form a Parish Council this was hard to fill. After discussion, it was agreed that this subject will be an item for the next agenda and that Trentishoe would bring further information to that meeting and to circulate to Parracombe Members, by email, details of the parish Two members of the public were there concerning planning application 62/50/19/014 and briefly outlined the work involved and the implications it may have
Closed Council session
03/11/19To receive apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Cllr’s. Holtom, H. Bloore, District Cllr. Patrinos & County Cllr. A Davis
04/11/19Declaration of Member’s Interest
Declaration of Interest were received from Cllr’s. Austin and S. Bastock concerning planning application 62/50/19/015
05/11/19To sign and approve the Minutes of the meetings held on 3rd September and 1st October 2019 Both sets of Minutes were signed as being correct
07/11/19Planning matters (6) New Planning applications: (2)
/162/50/19/014 (Householder)
Proposed replacement garden room. Resubmission of withdrawn application 62/50/19/004 Valley View, Church Lane, Parracombe, Devon After discussion it was unanimously decided to support this application as it conserved heat better than at present and was in keeping with the looks and presentation of the house and surroundings
/262/50/19/015 (Full application)
Proposed extension to Pavilion/Cafe to form Community Shop. Coronation Playing Fields, Parracombe, Devon Cllr’s. Austin and S. Bastock explained the source of funding, why and how the Trust has taken this project on and present facilities in the village (shops, PO etc.) They answered questions from the other Councillors before leaving the room   Cllr’s. Austin and Bastock left the room   Cllr. Cheetham took over the Chair The Council were in full agreement and supported the application because it was felt that this would enhance the village facilities and being community led and based would bring the villagers closer together with a lot of the parishioners being directly involved either through share offers or running and supporting the new venture   Cllr’s. Austin and Bastock returned Cllr. Austin took over the Chair
Planning applications pending or resolved: (4)
/362/50/19/012 (Full application)
Application to modify Section 106 Agreement under application 62/50/93/003 to change the agricultural/forestry worker restriction to rural worker occupancy restriction. Heale Farm, Parracombe, Barnstaple, Devon It was noted that this application has been withdrawn
Proposed change of use of garage, workshop and store to three-bedroom holiday cottage unit. As per amended plans and additional information. Heddon Valley Mill, Parracombe, Nr Barnstaple, Devon – Approved with conditions
/570718 Application to correct errors in consent 66617 & 65/50/16/001 (Exmoor National Park) Reinstatement of railway line – creation of bridge and cutting previously removed at Old Station House Inn, Kentisbury, Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 4NW – Pending
Rowley Moor Farm, Parracombe, Devon Proposed conversion of stables to one Local Needs Affordable Dwelling –               Pending
06/12/19Grass cutting contract for the next three years The Clerk explained that six invitations have been sent to request a quotation for grass cutting for the next three years but unfortunately, only two had sent a quotation back. The Chairman opened the sealed envelopes and read the two quotations. After discussion it was proposed by Cllr. D. Harding, seconded by Cllr. S. Bastock and carried unanimously, that the contract be awarded to “The Cut Above”. The Clerk to contact both parties. – Action Clerk
07/12/19Budget proposals and pre precept discussion
The Clerk circulated Appendix A and B and summarised the present and expected end of year situations. It was noted that because of the change in use of the pavilion, to a community shop with toilets, that it would be hard to judge what running costs might be involved. It was also noted that the present cleaner had tendered her notice and a new cleaner would be needed in the new year. Cllr. Bastock to design and display a poster to this effect. Cllr. Harding said she is willing to contact South West Water to query the water bill – Action Cllr. Bastock & Cllr. D. Harding It was agreed unanimously to keep the precept as it was last year as reserves were sound at the moment – £10,049.74
08/12/19Noticeboards in the village
Cllr’s. Green and S. Bastock explained that the parish noticeboards were full making it difficult for the Clerk to fully display the Minutes of meeting as a legal requirement. It was agreed that the Minutes should only go on the middle board towards one side and that Cllr. D. Harding would announce this through Facebook and a note to go on the boards to this effect.  – Action Cllr. D. Harding Items for the next meeting Concerned was raised about the state of the hedge to the right of the village hall.
09/12/19To confirm the date of the next meeting
Tuesday 7th January 2020
The Chairman asked for it to be recorded to thank Jarred and Debbie and Mark Harding for the excellent road tidying below the Church

The meeting finished at 8.45pm

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