Minutes 3 November 2020

A virtual meeting of the above-named Parish Council held on Tuesday 3rd November 2020 at 7.30pm using Zoom as the internet meeting tool.

Present: – Cllr’s. S. Bastock, Cheetham, D Harding and Holtom (Chairman),

Also, in attendance, County Councillor A Davis, District Councillor J Patrinos, two members of the public together with the Clerk

As there was technical trouble with the Chairman’s zoom connection it was agreed to start the meeting with the Open Session first

04/11/20 County Council Report
County Councillor A Davis reported that there had been three cases recently in the North Devon area with a hotspot at Braunton. She advised the meeting to visit the Devon website for daily updates. https://www.devon.gov.uk/coronavirus-advice-in-devon/coronavirus-data/ Cllr. Davis reminded the meeting that there was a grant of £600,000 for families and children in need, because of the coronavirus, and to contact her for further details. She also pointed out concern for carers during this difficult time. Road works in Barnstaple around Goodleigh Road was causing a problem because of a partly collapsed road and blocked gullies.

05/11/20 District Council Report

District Councillor J Patrinos reported that there had been two cases of coronavirus in District Council staff and this was making the collection of the black bin rounds a problem and asked if people could be patient and if the bin was not collected after 48hours to bring the bin in. Cllr. Patrinos reported that the car parks as well as the children’s playground equipment will be kept open during the lock-down period.

01/11/20 Welcome by the Chairman and Introduction

Cllr. Holtom arrived at the meeting

02/11/20 Open Public Participation Session

A member of the public reported that there will be a walk along the railway line next Tuesday morning to check on ash trees in order to look at the Die-back disease. They would be accompanied by a tree surgeon.

03/11/20 Police Report

No report given

06/11/20 Exmoor National Park Authority update
Cllr. Holtom reported from the meeting, he had attended that day, from the ENPA in which it was reported that the car parks would remain open during the lock-down period, but the Visitors Centre would be closed. He reported that the Valley of Rocks car park, near Lynton, would be given improvements in due course. Cllr. Holtom also reported that they had reviewed the Standing Orders together with other procedures and that Parish Councils will be given more input into planning matters and training will be provided by the Planning department in due course. The Authority had also adopted a vision document ’Working Together for a Nature-rich National Park the vision for Nature recovery’ (see 16/11/20).

County Councillor A Davis and District Councillor J Patrinos left the meeting

Closed Council session
07/11/20 To receive apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Cllr. Austin

08/09/20 Declarations of Member’s Interests

09/11/20 To approve and to sign the Minutes of the meetings held on 6th October 2020

These were signed as being correct

10/11/20 Matters arising


11/11/20 Casual vacancy for Parish Councillor

No updates

12/11/20 Parracombe Community Trust

/1 Progress on the village shop

As below

/2 Community share investment

Cllr. Austin had circulated prior to the meeting an update letter which stated that the share offer closed successfully with a total of £62,445 invested by 146 individuals from the community and wider. With the share match the total is £124,890. An email went out to all trust members with this information and more detail.

/3 Affordable housing project

Cllr. Holtom reported that three architects had been interviewed regarding project design and one has been chosen and they await his reply

/4 Village Hall

Cllr. Holtom said that the committee were making good progress and that there will be more information coming

13/11/20 Planning applications

Planning applications – new (0)


Planning applications pending – (5)

/1 62/50/20/012


Proposal: Proposed erection of a porch to the front elevation of West Middleton Farmhouse together with the erection of an Airband dish to the rear elevation of the farmhouse.

/2 62/50/20/013LB

Proposal: Listed Building Consent for the erection of a porch to the front elevation of West Middleton Farmhouse together with the erection of an Airband dish to the rear elevation of the farmhouse. Registered. Not yet decided

/3 62/50/20/014

Proposal: Proposed variation of Condition 2 of approved application 62/50/18/006 to demolish existing single storey extension, replace dormers with rooflights and install windows, doors and rooflight.

Approved with conditions

/4 62/50/19/013

Rowley Moor Farm, Parracombe, Devon

Proposed conversion of stables to one Local Needs Affordable dwelling. – Under consideration by Officers

/5 62/50/20/004

Location: Land in Field to the North of the A39 West of Holwell Wood, and Land on Access track to Rowley Barton. Proposal: Proposed reinstatement of railway line, creation of cutting and embankment previously removed together with new railway bridge. (amendment to approved application ref 62/50/16/001) – Registered. Not yet decided

The Chairman reported that applications WTCA 20/09 and WTCA 20/10 had been approved

14/11/20 Finance:

/1 Additional payments made since the last notification of the Agenda: –

Clark salary for August and September plus back-pay £ 239.04 – Cheque
Clerk Postage stamps £ 9.00 – Cheque
Clerk Zoom annual subscription and first-class postage £ 145.03 – Cheque
A Cut Above Grass cutting £ 340.00 – Bank Transfer
PCT Share contribution £12,000.00 – Bank Transfer
A Cut Above Grass cutting £ 170.00 – Bank Transfer
Insurance Parish Council £ 574.54 – Bank Transfer

/2 Financial report from the Clerk

The Clerk had nothing more to add

15/11/20 Roles and Responsibilities – Reports if warranted

/1 PROWS: Footpaths & Bridleways

Cllr. Cheetham reported that the clear up of paths could not now go ahead but would be undertaken in the spring

/2 Highways: Signage/Drains/potholes and surfaces

The Parish Council are awaiting the clearance of gullies and drains from Devon Council

/3 Trees and Playing field equipment

Cllr. Bastock reported that she awaits a meeting with Mr. Collins (A Cut Above) to finalise the removal of overhanging branches and will report back at the next meeting

/4 Emergency Planning and Snow warden

Nothing to report

/5 Liaison with school and Church

Cllr. Harding reported that the school was closed for two weeks for half term and unfortunately the church would be closed for Remembrance Day and Sundays. It was agreed to make a contribution to the British Legion of the same amount as the previous year (£75.00)

/6 Website and publicity, communications

Nothing to report

/7 Liaison with PCT

The Chairman asked if it was possible to find out up to date numbers for the affordable housing project?

/8 Planning noting applications contact for affected parties and applicants & LPA

As stated in Minute 13/11/20

/9 Finance

As stated in Minute 14/11/20

/10 Human resources

Cllr. Bastock had circulated the Human Resources policies taken form NALC and had adapted them for the Parish Council’s requirements. With the one amendment, that the Clerk should have a secure box to store valuable documents in use for the parish, the policies were adopted. The Chairman thanked Cllr. Bastock for her hard work in compiling the policies. The policies were adopted

16/11/20 Opportunities for nature recovery

Cllr. Holtom reported that the ENPA had adopted the nature recovery policy and suggested that the Parish follows suit using the leisure ground and the land over the road which has been identified as an orchard together with the Coronation Playing field. Cllr. Holtom said he would send the policy to all. Action Cllr. Holtom

17/11/20 Strategic review/aims and objectives

The following were suggestions by Cllr. Holtom and Cllr. Bastock

  • Nature Recovery as a topic
  • Maintaining representations to public and community bodies as stakeholders
  • Ensuring active participation by members and review of areas of responsibility
  • Regularly update and review standing orders, policies, asset register etc
  • Promote and enhance community connections: e.g. church, school, PCT shop/hall, young/old etc.
  • Protect and enhance open spaces: e.g. PPC assets like the pleasure ground has potential to work better for the community, control of invasive species on verges and open spaces.

18/11/20 Parish Council Logo

To be left to the next meeting

19/11/20 Scheme of Delegation

This was adopted at the last meeting but needs to be updated in the Standing Orders. Action Clerk

20/11/20 Correspondence

Nothing to report

21/11/20 To confirm the date of the next meeting

Tuesday 5th January but if planning applications or urgent business arises the next meeting will be Tuesday 1st December

22/11/20 Items for the next agenda

Possible Parish meeting for the future – Cllr. Harding

Information sheet for new parishioners – Cllr. Harding

Tim and Jemmy’s plaque – Cllr. Harding

The Chairman, on behalf of the village, wished to show his thanks to the Fox and Goose Inn for their sterling work during this COVID-19 outbreak. This was unanimously agreed

The meeting finished at 20.33

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