Minutes 3 September 2019

Meeting of Parracombe Parish Council held on Tuesday 3st September 2019 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

Present: Cllrs. Austin, S. Bastock, Cheetham, Green, D Harding, Holtom (chairman) and Cllr Bloore (who joined the meeting after Item 09/09/19)
Also in attendance: – District Cllr. Patrinos together with five members of the public and the Clerk

01/01/19Welcome and Introduction by the Chairman
The Chairman welcomed all in the hall and invited any members of the public if they had any matters they wished to ask.
02/09/19Open Public Participation Session
03/09/19Closed Council session
To receive apologies for absence
PCSO Grace who stated that she will endeavour to be at the November meeting
County Cllr. A. Davis
04/09/19Declaration of Member’s Interests
05/09/19To sign and approve the Minutes of the meetings held on 23rd July & Tuesday 20th August 2019
Both set of minutes were signed as a correct record by the Chairman
06/09/19Matters arising
23 July 2019
/106/07/19 Erection of dog fouling notices on the playing field
The Clerk reported that he had received an email from the County Councillor who stated that dog signs were the responsibility of the Parish and that one can obtain the signs that are displayed on Google
/212/07/19  Bodley Lane – Large vehicles
The clerk read an email he had received from the County Councillor who stated that the County had no money for signs, save safety signs. She also stated that it would be unlikely to have weight restriction signs and asked for the residents to try to ask for smaller lorries for deliveries. It was agreed to write a letter to the twenty or so residents pointing out these facts – Action Clerk
/315/07/19 & 05/08/19 Quotation for Grass cutting
Cllr. Green had produced a schedule of cuts for the year with a break of three weeks between cuts. It was agreed to put this out to tender to obtain three quotations for the work – Action Chairman
/416/07/19 Wooden panels surrounding part of the tennis court
It was agreed that the fencing needed replacing but it was agreed to leave this item until after Christmas
/5Other matters
The Clerk reported that he had received from ENP the new footpath route as agreed in the July meeting. The chairman agreed to pin these to the two noticeboards
20th August 2019
/6Other matters
It was noted that this planning application had been withdrawn
07/09/19Planning Matters
New Planning Applications (0)
The Clerk reported that only this afternoon he had received a new application and it was agreed to hold this planning application meeting on Tuesday 1st September at 7.30pm in the village Hall. The Clerk was asked to contact the planning department and ask for an extension to the date for return – Action Clerk
Planning applications resolved: (1) 62/50/19/009 – Sunnyside Farm, Parracombe. – Lawful Development Certificate for the existing use of Sunnyside Farm as two independent properties – Decision made – Approved
The Council acknowledged this planning approval
Other Planning Matters: A Councillor mentioned that it had been observed that The Old Forge, near Elkscombe Terrace was being used for residential purposes and therefore the Clerk was asked to contact the Exmoor Enforcement Office to investigate this matter – Action Clerk
08/09/19Finance: (3)
/1Payments Due
The following cheques to be approved for payment.
(These, together with the cheque stubs and invoices was signed at the end of the meeting)
Additional payments made since the last notification of the Agenda: –
The following payments were due: –
D J Hatherley – A4 hard folders and Printer ink £43.93
EDF Energy – Playing field £26.69
D J Hatherley – Clerk Salary for July (12 hours) £119.52
A Cut Above – Mowing of Playing Field £ 160.00
Public Works Loan Board – Loan repayment £ 136.66
Mr D Austin – Website £ 80.00
Mrs S Winn – Cleaning and materials for toilet £427.48
/2To agree accounts for the July and August
The accounts were agreed as being correct
/3The bank reconciliation:
Unfortunately, the Clerk does not have access to the bank statements, therefore it was agreed to leave this matter until the November meeting. In the meantime, the Clerk was asked to investigate access to the accounts – Action Clerk
09/09/19Councillor Vacancy
The Chairman announced that he was pleased to say that the Council had two prospective candidates wishing to become a Councillor but as one, unfortunately had not lived in the village for a year, he was unable to stand. Therefore, after discussion, it was proposed by Cllr. Holtom and seconded by Cllr. Green and carried unanimously that Mrs Hannah Bloore was elected as a new Councillor. She was invited to take her new seat by the Chairman. The Chairman thanked Mr Clive Robey for putting his name forward and hoped he would be able to participate sometime in the future
10/09/19To revise the Standing Orders
The Chairman decided, as time was short this item to be deferred to the October Planning meeting
11/09/19Roles and Responsibilities
The Chairman outlined the reasons for these roles and responsibilities and asked if any Councillors had any preferences. The following was decided:

  1. PROWS: Footpaths & Bridleways: Cllrs. Cheetham & Bloore
  2. Highways: Signage/Drains/potholes and surfaces: Cllr. Green
  3. Trees and Playing field equipment: Cllr. Holtom
  4. Emergency Planning and Snow warden: Cllrs. Green & Harding
  5. Liaison with school and Church: Cllr. Harding
  6. Website and publicity, communications: Cllr. Austin
  7. Liaison with PCT: Cllrs. Austin & Holtom
  8. Planning noting applications, contact for affected parties and applicants & LPA etc: Cllr. Bastock
  9. Finance: Cllr. Austin
  10. Human resources: Cllr. Bastock

The Chairman then mentioned about the state of some of the trees in and surrounding the playing field and suggested that, with the Councillors permission, he would organise a survey to be undertaken. This was agreed – Action Chairman
Cllr. Austin asked if would be OK for Councillors responsibilities to be put on the website. This was agreed – Action Cllr. Austin

12/10/19Decoration of the village hall door and notice boards
Cllr. Green explained that he had hoped to paint the door that day but it being of inclement weather has decided to postpone the work until the weather improves. Discussion took place as to the new colour of the door. A shade of blue was generally preferred but it was agreed to let Cllr. Green make the final choice.
A question was asked concerning the lease of the Village Hall and the Chairman stated that it was in the hands of the solicitors but agreed to chase the matter – Action Chairman
It was agreed that a builder be contacted to put the new posts in regarding the new noticeboard
13/10/19Notification of correspondence/emails
The Clerk mentioned that he had now rectified the situation concerning the Clerk’s email address and that ppc_clerk@outlook.com was now to be used and superseded previous ones. He apologised for the wrong address being used at the start of his employment
14/10/19North Devon Parish Forum – Thursday 19th September 2019
The Clerk read out the agenda for this meeting and Cllrs. Harding and Bastock showed an interest in attending.
ENPA Parish and Consultative Forum 12th September 2019. Chairman will be attending.
15/10/19Storage of Council documents
The Clerk explained the need for safe storage of Council documents and asked if a two-drawer lockable cabinet could be purchased and situated somewhere in the village hall? It was said that there is one in the hall now but not sure of its state and what function it had undertaken in the past. Cllr. Bloore agreed to investigate the situation
16/10/19Names, address and contact details for website
Cllr. Austin asked if would be OK for Councillor contact details to be put on the website. This was agreed –Action Cllr. Austin
17/10/19Items for the next meeting
Tree inspections
Defibrillators and positioning
18/10/19To confirm the date of the next meeting
Tuesday 1st October 2019 and Tuesday 5th November 2019 both at 7.30pm
It was noted that this second date was “bonfire” night and the concern given to the worry of animals. Cllr. Bloore agreed to put up notices around the village asking for co-operation and understanding on that evening. – Action Cllr. Bloore
The meeting closed at 20.42

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