Minutes 4 February 2020

Meeting of Parracombe Parish Council held on Tuesday 4th February 2020 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

Present: – Cllr’s. Austin, (Chairman) S. Bastock, D Harding, Cheetham and Green. Also in attendance four members of the public and the Clerk

01/02/20Welcome and Introduction by the Chairman
The chairman welcomed all to the meeting.
02/02/20Open Public Participation Session Nil
Closed Council session
03/02/20To receive apologies for absence
04/02/20Declaration of Member’s Interest
Cllr. Harding voiced an interest in planning application 62/50/20/003
Cllr’s Holtom, Austin and S Bastock voiced joint interest in Item 12/02/20
05/02/20To sign and approve the Minutes of the meetings held on 7th January 2020
The minutes were signed as a correct record
06/02/20Cllr. Harding mentioned that she had held a constructive discussion with the headteacher of the primary school concerning the height of the newly erected fence and had agreed to make it shorter. This was completed the next day
Cllr. Harding said that the parish had been awarded one oak tree from the Council and that it should be planted somewhere in Coronation playing field together with a plaque bearing the names of the two young people in the community who have recently passed away
07/02/20New Planning applications: (2)
Proposed installation of 1200 litre LPG tank together with underground pipework in front garden of property. 4 ASH PARK, PARRACOMBE, BARNSTAPLE, EX31 4PR
The Council were fine with this application and voted to make ‘No Observations’ as a response to ENPA
Proposed extension to Pavilion/Cafe to form Community Shop (Amended description) Coronation Playing Fields, Parracombe, Devon
The Council were happy with the amended description
Retrospective change of use of part of agricultural field and erection of 1.8-metre-high perimeter fence to create a dog exercise area, together with retrospective change of use of building to kennel utility room and dog treat bakery. (Amended description.) Ladyswell Farm, Parracombe, Barnstaple, EX31 4RL
The Council reiterated their thoughts as of the previous meeting, therefore ‘No Observation’ made
Change of use of redundant agricultural building of stone construction to residential use with small extension. Transfer of independent residential use from the cottage to the barn and amalgamation of the cottage with the farmhouse. Location: Sunnyside Farm, Road. From Bodley Cross to Prestonford Cottages, Parracombe, EX31 4QJ
Cllr Harding outlined the applicant’s proposals for the Council before leaving the room
Cllr Harding left the room
After discussion, it was unanimously agreed to support this application providing it follows ENPA policy. Concerns were raised about access onto a narrow lane with slightly more expected vehicles because of the increase in bedroom space but agreed this would have a minimal impact on the lane
Cllr. Harding returned to the meeting
Pending a decision by ENPA
Proposed replacement garden room. Resubmission of withdrawn application 62/50/19/004. Valley View, Church Lane, Parracombe, Devon. Approved with Conditions
Proposed conversion of stables to one Local Needs Affordable dwelling. Rowley Moor Farm, Parracombe, Devon. Not yet decided
08/02/20Letter from a parishioner re planning application 62/50/19/013
The Chairman summarised the letter from a Parracombe parishioner who voiced disappointment and concerns concerning a Councillor’s personal letter regarding planning application 62/50/19/013 and how that may have influenced the decision to be made by the ENPA planning committee. The Chairman and the Clerk went on to explain the recommendations as laid out by NALC and DALC ‘Planning Councillors could find themselves in a difficult situation at a later date if they indicate or give the impression of support or opposition to a proposal or declare their voting intention before a decision is to be taken as this could be taken to be pre-determination of the outcome. It is important that all decisions should be made after all relevant information and views have been taken into consideration’.
The Clerk drew the Councillors attention to the available courses by DALC which are in place and relevant at the moment
The Councillor in question pointed out that the letter had been sent after the parish Council’s meeting. This was noted but the Clerk stated to be on the safe side of the Code of Conduct it would be better not to make any comment save that of the Parish Councils
At 2010 Cllr. A Davis arrived at the meeting
Payments Due
The following cheques were approved for payment and signed during the meeting
Additional payments made since the last notification of the Agenda: –
Parracombe Village Hall. Hall hire for meetings – (Paid by bank transfer and then refunded into Parish account). £ 9.00
South West Water. Pavilion toilets. £ 109.89
The following payments were due: –
Together. Village Hall Insurance. £ 769.89
Andy Full. Green bin. £ 36.00
Heddon Valley Marketing. Village website hosting and maintenance. £ 65.00
Cllr. A Davis gave her report concerning her work at the County Council. This covered road closures in the foreseeable future, the rights of EU citizens working in this country right to remain, carbon content/management of waste and carers free parking on yellow lines
Cllr. A Davis left the meeting at 20.28
10/02/20Storage of Council documents
Cllr’s H Bloore and D Harding were thanked by the Chairman for obtaining the drawer unit at a very reasonable price of £15.00. An invoice was handed over
11/02/20Financial Regulations
Cllr. Austin went through the Financial Regulations as set out by NALC. The Council then looked at the document page by page and altered parts that were allowed to be altered to suit the Council’s need. The Clerk said he would then tidy the work and send to all Councillors – Action Clerk
12/02/20To agree a possible lease for the pavilion between the PCT and the Parish Council
Cllr’s Holtom, Austin and S Bastock declared an interest in item 1 and 2 of the topics below but were awarded a disposition as no vote was going to take place and the Members needed to know information which only they possessed.
Cllr. Austin explained about the new shop, parking area and to redevelop the play area. Car parking area not to be leased but the PC to have access. To be used as a village car park and for the shop, customers and deliveries. The PCT to lease the footprint of the shop but the car park and area to retained by the Parish Council. The situation awaits grant funding and the Parish Council would be kept up to date. It was agreed in principle to lease the shop to the PPC subject to contract
/2To consider making an investment in the share offer
The village needs to raise £40,000 minimum and then the funding will be matched pound for pound.
After discussion it was decided to agree in principle to invest in an unsecured investment in the community share offer but await further details
Cllr. Holtom stated that the affordable housing is on hold until such time as central government releases funds
/3Contract for the cleaning and safe care for the toilets/pavilion.
It was noted that this would be a short-term contract until such time as the new shop is open
Cllr. S Bastock read out the two applications for the above post and it was decided to take the cheaper of the two quotations
13/02/20Exmoor Society membership
It was agreed unanimously to join the Exmoor Society – Action Clerk
14/02/20Casual vacancy for Parish Councillor
The Chairman stated he had received a letter of resignation from Cllr. Green and thanked him for his service to the community. The Clerk was asked to start the procedure to obtain a replacement – Action Clerk
15/02/20To confirm the date of the next meeting – Tuesday 3rd March 2020
16/02/20Items for the next agenda
Road and speed wardens

Cllr. S Bastock asked if the minutes and agendas could be printed in black and white with no tables. The Clerk agreed to this

The meeting finished at 21.15

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