Minutes 5 November 2019

Meeting of the above-named Parish Council held on Tuesday 5th November 2019 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

Present: – Cllrs. Austin, S. Bastock, H. Bloore, D Harding, Holtom (chairman) and Cheetham. Also in attendance: – District Cllr. Patrinos together with six members of the public and the Clerk

01/11/19Welcome and Introduction by the Chairman
The chairman welcomed all to the meeting.
02/11/19Open Public Participation Session
A member of the public queered the wording in the September Public session Minutes regarding the £500 that had been paid into the village hall account from the PCT. He then asked if the lease had been signed in which the Chairman replied by saying that he had received a letter this week from the PPC solicitors stating that the lease has been finalised and should be signed and completed this week.

Another member of the public stated that there is to be held a defibrillation training exercise in the village hall on 14th December from 2.00pm to 5.00pm. He stated that there are eight places left out of the twelve.

PCSO Grace reported that there had been two crimes in the vicinity causing criminal damage.
She also reported on the progress of setting up a speedwatch in the village. She stated that they were waiting on the outcome of the boxes set up by the police traffic team and await the outcome of that project. The survey will be undertaken again later in the year and if the information recorded, shows that there is a speed problem, then the setting up of a speedwatch team would be warranted. The information gathered will then go onto the village website. Discussion then took place over other speeding areas in the village
Closed Council session
03/11/19 To receive apologies for absence County Councillor A. Davis and Cllr. Stevens
04/11/19 Declaration of Member’s Interest Cllr. Holtom voiced an interest on planning item 62/50/19/012
05/11/19To sign and approve the Minutes of the meetings held on 3rd September and 1st October 2019 Both sets of Minutes were signed as being correct
06/11/19Matters arising
Cllr. Austin mentioned that he had received a letter of concern from a resident in Bodley Lane who is worried and concerned about the lack of warning signs at the entrance to the lane that should say that the lane is a cul-de-sac and there is no turning room at the end. She mentioned the amount of damage that has been caused both to her property and others by large vehicles and large tractors. It had been reported to the council and a reply given by the County Councillor who stated that they could not put signs on the lane. The Chairman stated that this item could be raised at National Park level and as a meeting is coming up and he will bring the concerns to their attention. – Action Chairman. The Clerk was also asked to write, via the County’s website, to the HTWOC – Action Clerk.
Highways and traffic order committee
The Chairman reported the tree survey had been done and recommendations for action received. The Council agreed that the work should go ahead as recommended.
Cllr. Austin reported that the path and bridleway leading via Gratton Cottage should have a horse friendly gate. The Chairman replied by saying this is being worked on by NEP and is the next item to undertaken
Cllr. Harding reported that she had received a letter from Karen Farrington who has said that the parish can have a second defibrillator free of charge and it was agreed that it should go outside the village hall. All were in favour
07/11/19Planning matters (8) New Planning applications: (3)
/162/50/19/012 Full application Application to modify Section 106 Agreement under application 62/50/93/003 to change the agricultural/forestry worker restriction to rural worker occupancy restriction. Heale Farm, Parracombe, Barnstaple, Devon
The Chairman voiced a past interest in this matter and offered to leave the room. This was agreed
The Deputy Chairman, Cllr. Austin took over the chair.
Discussion took place over the technicality of change from agricultural to rural occupancy. It was felt that it should not change as the applicant has not showed the need for the change of occupancy and concerned was given over other reasons for the change of use. The point of an agricultural residency was for an affordable means for a worker to have accommodation. It was felt that if this change was allowed it could set a presidency for other properties of this nature. It was agreed to abide by the NEP planning policy to this application. It was also agreed, after a vote by four votes to one against, that the parish of Parracombe recommend that they are against this change of use.
The Chairman re-joined the meeting and took over the Chair
/262/50/19/011 ADDITIONAL PLANS AND/OR INFORMATION Proposed change of use of garage, workshop and store to three-bedroom holiday cottage unit. As per amended plans and additional information. Heddon Valley Mill, Parracombe, Nr Barnstaple, Devon
The Chairman reported that he requested guidance from ENPA Planning concerning the additional information and he had received an email from the Planning department at ENP that read – “That they have had a look at the letter sent by the applicant for the above application. All seems factually correct from a planning perspective with the exception for the building in 2004. The letter is correct that the building was erected in the position agreed by David Wyborn but the application approved had the building in the incorrect location. This resulted in enforcement action being taken but did not include the relocated building. Therefore, no retrospective planning application was submitted and that their understanding is that no planning permission was in place for the building”. After discussion it was agreed that the Council felt they were not in a position to give a valued judgement in which to grant change of use for a building that has no planning consent and is a planning enforcement matter by ENP. It was agreed to refer this planning application back to the ENP planning enforcement department
/370718 Application to correct errors in consent 66617 & 65/50/16/001 (Exmoor National Park) Reinstatement of railway line – creation of bridge and cutting previously removed at Old Station House Inn, Kentisbury, Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 4NW It was agreed that the Grampian condition set out and provided by the ENP should be adhered and providing that they are adhered, the Council had No Observations to make
/462/50/19/013 Rowley Moor Farm, Parracombe, Devon Proposed conversion of stables to one Local Needs Affordable dwelling. Discussion took place and agreed a consultation response that ENPA follow policy
Planning applications pending or resolved: (3)
/1WTCA 19/12 Middle Bodley Farm, Parracombe, Barnstaple, Devon Remove Ash tree displaying possible early signs for Ash Die-Back. The Clerk reported that this planning application had now been – Approved
/2GDO 19/11 Killington Farm, Parracombe, Devon Proposed erection of Telecomms Mast and associated kit at Killington Farm for emergency services (Grid Ref E266219 N145995). As per additional information – Withdrawn
/3WTCA 19/10 St Petrock’s Church, Church Lane, Parracombe, Devon Works to trees in Conservation Area: to fell 1 no. Ash tree at St Petrock’s Church showing early signs of ash die-back – Approved
Other Planning matters:
/1 Lynton & Barnstaple Railway To collect the Council’s views on the line extension and to gather attendance numbers for the Open Days, Thursday 7th and Friday 8th November, at Woody Bay station, between 2pm and 6.30pm Four members stated they would be able to attend but not sure of which day.
08/11/19 Finance:
The Clerk stated he has registered with Lloyds banks and now has full access to all accounts
/1Payments Due
The following cheques were approved for payment together with ones for a donation of £75 to the Royal British Légion, one to Mr D Austin for website management and fees and also one to Mr K Green for £15.45 for paint
Additional payments made since the last notification of the Agenda:
A cut Above – Grass cutting of Playing Field £  160.00
The following payments are due:
D J Hatherley – Postage Stamps £ 8.40
D J Hatherley – Clerk Salary for August & Sept. (12 hours per month) £  239.04
Karen Farrington – S. Petrock catering – 20th September £  44.00
Parracombe Village Hall S. Petrock talk – 20th September £    36.00
Parracombe Community Trust Ltd. – Transfer of management and surplus funds £ 859.51
A cut Above – Grass cutting of Playing Field £  160.00 A question was asked concerning the Parracombe Community Trust payment and Cllr. Austin explained that we were used as the holding funds for the air ambulance landing site and this was the balance. The Clerk was asked to write a letter to the PCT to clarify the transfer of fund. Action Clerk
/2To agree accounts for October
The accounts were agreed
The bank reconciliation:
The Chairman signed the bank reconciliation as a correct statement
/4Devon Air Ambulance/Notice boards
Cllr. Austin explained that the money held in the Capital account should be transferred to the Current account but after discussion it was decided to leave the accounts as they are as interest rates are so low.
09/11/19To adopt and sign the Standing Orders
The Chairman signed the standing orders and dated them
10/11/19Awarding of grass cutting contract
As there was only one envelope it was decided to leave this item until the next meeting and to contact others and remind them to send their quotations through. The Clerk was asked to phone A Cut Above. – Action Clerk
11/11/19Roles and Responsibilities – Reports if warranted
PROWS: Footpaths & Bridleways
As mentioned above
Highways: Signage/Drains/potholes and surfaces
It was reported that there are potholes up Pencombe Rock. Cllr. Green agreed to contact Highways through their website. Action Cllr. Green
Trees and Playing field equipment
See 06/11/19 above
Emergency Planning and Snow warden
It was decided not to salt the roads on environmental grounds also that the Parish had to store 40 bags
Liaison with school and Church
Cllr Harding reported that there is a meeting later this month that she hopes to attend. The Chairman voice his disappointment at the removal of the hedge by the side of the lane that has gone and has been replaced by a wooden fence. Cllr. Harding was asked to raise this at the forthcoming meeting Action Cllr. Harding
Website and publicity, communications
Cllr Austin stated that the annual returns and all finance matters were now on there. The Chairman asked if the ENP forum and agendas could also be linked to the website so that people can give their concerns through the forum Action Cllr. Austin
Liaison with PCT
As above with the signing of the lease. It was agreed to circulate by email to all Members to read and if all agree then it would be signed. If not, a special meeting will be called. Questions were asked about the shop and what the situation is at the moment? It was replied by saying that the matter is ongoing but the situation is moving forward
Planning noting applications, contact for affected parties and applicants & LPA etc
Nothing new to report
Nothing new to report
Human resources:
See the next item  
12/11/19To review the probationary period of the Clerk
The Clerk and his wife left the room
The Clerk and his wife returned
It was reported to the Clerk upon his return that he has satisfactorily completed his probationary period.
13/11/19Storage of Council documents
It was agreed to leave this item until the next meeting
14/11/19Community Governance Review
After discussion it was agreed that this Parish have no requirement for change. The Clerk to write back.
15/11/19 Fire Station issues
District Cllr. Patrinos reported that there has been disquiet throughout the county of the proposed cuts to the fire service and that the consultation period had not been adhered to correctly. A group of North District Councillors have agreed to look into a possible means of raising money through pledges, by Parishes and other bodies, that if necessary, it could be taken to court and the money would be spent on legal fees. It was proposed by Cllr. Bastock and seconded by Cllr. Harding and carried unanimously to pledge £250.00
16/11/19Feedback from the Highways exhibition attended on 7 Oct.
It was agreed to leave this item until the next meeting
17/11/19Items for the next meeting
Financial Regulations
Feedback from the Highways exhibition attended on 7 Oct. Storage of Council documents
Update on Shop
Awarding of grass cutting contract
18/11/19To confirm the date of the next meeting
Tuesday 7th January 2020 This date was confirmed

The meeting finished at 21.39

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