Minutes 5 September 2017

Draft minutes of a meeting held on 5th September 2017 at the village hall, Parracombe.
Councillors present: Mr J Holtom (Chair), Mrs S Bastock (Vice-Chair), Mr I Tansley, Mr D Austin, Mr S Cheetham, Mr K Green
DDC Cllr Andrea Davis, Cllr Yvette Gubb, NDC
Clerk: Mrs J Walters.

  1. APOLOGIES Cllr Davis for beginning of the meeting. Cllr Lovering. Lynton police.
  2. POLICE MATTERS Apologies were received form PCSO Cleverdon, her report has been circulated. There were 2 crimes reported in Parracombe in August. PC Beck has moved to a new post in South Devon and will be replaced by PC Mark Langworthy at the end of September. Meanwhile Grace is covering the area with help from Ilfracombe or South Molton. This is unsatisfactory and the Clerk was asked to write to the Police and Crime Commissioner as we did not receive a reply to our previous letter.
  3. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr Bastock re Village Hall, Cllr Holtom re Affordable housing. Cllr Austin re website- Advise was taken from DALC. As Cllr Austin has a pecuniary interest in this matter he should leave the meeting and not take any part in the debate or vote on the decision to award the work on the website. The value of the work is over £1000 and the Parish Council wish to record that, as Cllr Austin has the expertise in this area of work, if the work is awarded to him Councillors are confident that the public are getting good value for money.
  4. PUBLIC CONSULTATION No one has come forward for co-option so there remains a vacancy on the PC.
    Tarr Path hedge- a copy of a letter from Mary Yeo to Mr Bloore was read to the meeting. A letter will be sent from the PC to Mr Bloore (cc ENPA) requesting that the hedge be laid as agreed last year. Also ask Gerald Tombs to clear leaves.
    Works at Fairview- these appear to exceed the planning consent. This has been reported to ENPA and they have been to visit the site. They reported that works conform to the application that was passed however part of a hedge and bank have been removed beyond the application site and will ask for confirmation that this will be reinstated. PC noted that the entrance looks wider and angled and will ask for confirmation that this entrance will not be used for heavy plant.
    A notice board for Bodley Cross has been requested. All agreed that this would be useful. Clerk to get a price.
    A39 Highley to Holworthy Farm- response from highways was that slippery road signs could be put in place were the water is running from the broken drain. Also that they don’t cut back privately owned trees! Clerk to contact highways again the trees are not privately owned and warning signs are not going to prevent an accident if the water from the drain freezes across the road.
  5. PLANNING 62/50/17/005 Proposed erection of greenhouse, poly-tunnel and two 5mx2.5m sheds. Retrospective. Ladywell Farm, Parracombe. There were no objections to this work going ahead. Prop Cllr Green sec Cllr Austin, all agreed.
    62/50/17/006 Erection of a shed(5mx4.3m). Retrospective (Amended description). Laburnum Cottage, Parracombe. There were no objections to this work going ahead. Prop Cllr Green sec Cllr Austin, all agreed.
    62/50/17/007 Proposed extension to form kitchen and erection of new chimney. Heale Moor Farm, Heale, Parracombe. There were no objections to this work going ahead. Prop Cllr Austin sec Cllr Bastock.
    62/50/17/008 Proposed conversion of barn to holiday unit. East Hill Cottage, Parracombe. Property owner explained that in order to maintain the building, which is in their yard, it would need to generate an income. External changes will be minimal. There were no objections to this building work going ahead. Prop Cllr Bastock sec Cllr Tansley. All agreed.
    WTPO 17/07 Crown reduction of four beech trees up to a maximum of 2.5 metres from distal tip to reduce likelihood of failure due to decay and root heave. ENPA, Blackmoor Gate Car Park adjacent to the A399. There were no objections to these tree works going ahead.
    There is a planning training event at Kentisbury VH 25th September, 2017 at 7pm. Numbers TBC.
    Ask ENPA to produce a protocol for works to trees in conservation areas and also for planning . This information could be put on the village website.
  6. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING Affordable housing meeting 14th not 7th July as stated. These were then agreed and signed for 4th July and 16th August, 2017.
  7. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES Community Plan Parish Cllrs have a meeting with Kieran Reeves starting at the playing field at 11am then going on to discuss questions and format of Community Plan and the possibility of setting up a Community Trust Charity for village projects.
    Affordable housing Posters will up in the village mid September to publicise the survey. There will be a drop in session meeting with the results of the survey.
    Village Shop & PO The committee has produced a report with the results their research and a business case/plan. The community status PO contract is an important source of income but requires continuity of contract. Cllr Austin thanked the committee membes for their work so far and was then thanked for Chairing the meetings.
    Highways parishioners are encouraged to keep reporting problems. Highlight long gauges in the Pencombe Rocks road, potholes outside Bridge House and 2 large potholes on Newground Lane at the top of Arc Lane.
    Website A grant of £2645.00 has been received from DALC. Cllr Austin left the meeting whilst the breakdown of the Transparency code funding for the website and awarding the work was discussed. Equipment £650.00, Web setup, training, data import (£1650), hosting (£25 per month), maintenance and data input (£45 per month) £2210.00 Total £2860.00.Prop Cllr Tansley, sec Cllr Green that the work be awarded to Cllr Austin as he has the expertise in this area. All agreed. Cllr Austin came back into the meeting.
    L & B Railway L & BR- applications are unlikely to go to planning committee until November.
    TAP Fund Email received from Sue Squire (Clerk to Kentisbury) asking whether Parracombe would be willing to join a TAP fund application for the DAAT night landing site. Our share would be £287.10 all agreed on the application and to contribute our full allowance.
  8. OTHER MATTERS CORONATION PLAYING FIELD & PARK PAVILION a) Coronation Playing Field quotes are coming in at £25-30K for new play equipment. This will be included in the Community Plan. b) Park Pavilion the pavilion was used for a birthday party in August which was enjoyed by many in the village. c) Hard Court Clerk to contact Gerald Tombs re moss treatment in the new year. Boards need some repairs and painting Bruce Edgingon and Cllr Green have offered to do this. Thank you.
    VILLAGE HALL COMMITTEE REPORT- RAOB have asked for names of trustees for the hall. The hall is up for sale and as a registered community asset the PC has 6 months to achieve the purchase before it is put on the open market. Negotiations are delicate and there are legal issues to settle.
    There will be yoga classes at the hall starting on Wednesday and a Beaford Arts event with proceeds going to the DAAT night landing site.
    Accounts for payment

  • HMRC £42.40
  • Mrs J Walters – clerks wages & exps £184.28
  • Mrs S Winn – toilet cleaning £235.99
  • A v.Koutrik – tree work CPF £650.00
  • AFS – service fire extinguisher £26.40
  • SWW (Pavilion) £3.64
  • EDF (Pavilion) £41.40
  • TOTAL £1184.11

PWLB D/D payment 2/10/17 £136.66
Chqs were agreed and signed.
Income £275.00 (election fee), £2645.00 (website grant) Total £2920.00
Financial reports: end July 2017 Treasurers A/C £22,160.48, Savs £565.04, Cap £726.36 TOTAL £23,451.88
Cllr Bastock has become a cheque signatory.
Audit report received. No matters arising from audit but some points raised over internal audit re petty cash and lack of receipts for stamps. Completion notice to be put on the notice board.

  1. CORRESPONDENCE Electoral boundary review ongoing for NDC.
    Exmoor Consultative and Parish Forum meeting 14th September, 2017.
    Dealt with in other agenda items.
  2. MATTERS AT CHAIRMAN’S DISCRETION Clerk to contact Gerald Tombs again as grass has not been so well maintained this year and is too long for sports.
    Meeting closed at 9.15pm. Next meeting 7th November, 2017.

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