Minutes 6 March 2018

Draft minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday 6th March 2018 at the village hall, Parracombe. Meeting opened at 7:30
Councillors present: Mr J Holtom (Chair), Mrs S Bastock, (Vice-Chair), Mr I Tansley , Mr S Cheetham, Mr K Green, Mr W Fawcett. Cllr Davis, Cllr Gubb.
Clerk: Mrs J Walters.

  1. APOLOGIES Mr D Austin , Cllr Lovering. Police .
    The PC was pleased to see Cllr Bastock at the meeting.
  2. POLICE MATTERS Nothing to report.
  3. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Nothing at present.
  4. PUBLIC CONSULTATION Boundary Commission are looking at local election wards. Parracombe is likely to go into Lynton ward.
    Cllr Davis gave her report. See separate notice
  5. PLANNING Updates : L&BR- officers recommendation was followed and conditional planning permission was granted. No work to commence before funding and all land is secured. 5 year period instead of the usual 3 years. Strict working practises are to be followed and monitored. Thank you to Cllr Holtom for all his work on the issue.
    No update on Vention Wood.
  6. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING Minutes were not available so will be signed at the next meeting.
  7. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES Community Plan- Questionnaires have been evaluated and the results published. Indications are that there would be enough volunteers to help with a shop. Next step is to set up and invest in a Community Land Trust with the help of the Wessex Trust. Need to move on with this project- there will be a public meeting next month.
    DAAT night landing site- Planning application has gone in to ENPA along with the planning fee (see finance).
    Noticeboards- 1m x 1m box type with pvc cover cost £300- 800 online. Ask a local carpenter to quote.
  8. OTHER MATTERS CORONATION PLAYING FIELD & PARK PAVILLION a) Coronation Playing Field- Play equipment to be inspected this month. Clerk to ask Mark Dallyn to redo fence at the lower entrance to the park. b) Park Pavilion- nothing to report. c) Hard Court- Thank you to Cllr Cheetham and the work party for clearing the court.
    VILLAGE HALL COMMITTEE REPORT- Mr Howard-Baker has returned from holiday so we hope to move forward with the issue. A Friday night booking has been allowed. Decorating of the hall can go ahead with volunteers and a decorator to oversee the project. Speak to Devon Communities about the legal costs of acquiring the hall.

Accounts for payment

  • HMRC £42.40
  • Mrs J Walters- clerks wages & exps £179.76
  • Mrs S Winn- toilet cleaning £200.00
  • ENPA – Planning fee DAAT £231.00
  • Mr D Austin – website data input and maintenance £140.00
  • TOTAL £792.76

Chqs were agreed and signed. Clerk to speak to Cllr Austin about bank signatories.
Financial reports: end November, 2017 Treasurers A/C £25,048.60, Savs £565.04, Cap £726.36 TOTAL £26,340.00

  1. CORRESPONDENCE Exmoor Consultative and Parish Forum meeting 7th March 7pm Withypool. PC has been asked to update the meeting on our affordable housing project.
  2. MATTERS AT CHAIRMAN’S DISCRETION Clerk to speak to Sue Rawle and Jacqui, at the school, about village hall parking arrangements.
    Meeting closed at 8.30pm. Next meeting May, 2018.

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One thought on “Minutes 6 March 2018

  • 21st May 2018 at 8:35 am

    A first class website full of interesting and useful information let down solely by, in my view, delays in getting draft minutes published, particularly at the present time when so many important issues are under discussion. I do not consider it reasonable for the residents to have to wait up to two months to know what has been decided at the parish council meetings. It reflects badly on the efficiency of the parish council and by keeping residents uninformed it only serves to foster disinterest in parish council business.

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