Minutes 6 November 2018

Draft minutes of a meeting held on 6th November, 2018 at the village hall, Parracombe. The meeting opened at 7.30pm.

Councillors present: Mr J Holtom (Chair), Mrs S Bastock, Mr K Green, Mr W Fawcett , Mrs D Harding. Cllr Andrea Davis.
Clerk: Mrs J Walters.

  1. APOLOGIES Mr D Austin (Vice-Chair), Mr S Cheetham .Cllr Y Gubb, Cllr Lovering. Police .
    Cllr Holtom informed the meeting of the Clerk’s resignation. The Clerk was thanked for her service over the past 19 years. She agreed to work with the Council help fill the vacancy.
  2. POLICE MATTERS Newsletter has been forwarded to Cllrs. There were no reported crimes in Parracombe. A39 speed issues are still of concern and also speeding through the village. Contact PCSO Grace Cleverdon to request a speed watch for the village.
  3. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST None at present.
  4. PUBLIC CONSULTATION Cllr Davis presented her report, which included items on food waste and recycling and how to order road salt for the village. Full report published separately.
    Parish Forum, Thursday 15th November, 2018 at 10.30am in Winsford. Cllr Harding to attend. Includes an item about speeding issues on Exmoor.
  5. PLANNING 62/50/18/010. Proposed new roof and structure above silage bin. Rowley Barton, Parracombe. There were no objections to this work going ahead. However it was pointed out that the proposed roof would be too low to allow tractor access to roll the silage when being made.
    62/50/18/011 Proposed extension to existing agricultural livestock building. Retrospective. West Middleton Farm, Parracombe. There were no objections to this work but we regret that this was a retrospective application.
  6. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING Minutes for the 6th September and 1st October, 2018 were agreed and signed.
  7. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES Village Hall purchase- PWLB purchase has been approved and should be received by PC on 13th November, 2018. Lease arrangements can now be agreed between the PC and PCT with a hall committee to run and fund the hall. The hall has been in regular use.
    There was a misunderstanding between solicitors regarding the overage but this has been resolved and it is envisaged that contracts can be exchanged later this month.
    Parracombe Community Trust- Affordable housing, letters have gone out to 2 potential housing site owners and initial responses seem positive.
    Shop, Will Bowden has been engaged to draw up some concepts for converting the Pavilion.
    The Trust will be holding an open evening for residents on 21st November, 2018.
    DAAT night landing site- Grant cheque from the Exmoor Trust has been received. Cllr Austin reports that there have been some issues with colour of the mast and visibility of the lighting units. Kieran Reeves in in direct contact with contractor to resolve ENPA concerns.
    Notice boards- These have arrived. Cllr Fawcett has offered to help Cllr Green put them in place. Thank to both Cllrs.
    Tarr Path- Letter from James Tucker was read to the meeting. The hedge owners reported that work has begun and will be continued over the winter as time allows. Alan Dart will be asked to look at the path surface and the beech tree stump will be included in our tree inspection. Andy Full has volunteered to clear the leaves fortnightly and the PC has paid for a green bin for disposal. Clerk to request a new footpath sign from ENPA.
    Highways- Ask PCSO Cleverdon to set up a speed watch in the village. Excess speed on the A39 continues to be of concern but highways have said the it is in the top part of the list for safety. A map of village drains and gullies will be compiled with those that are blocked highlighted to push for cleaning.
  8. OTHER MATTERS CORONATION PLAYING FIELD & PARK PAVILLION a) Coronation Playing Field- Nothing to report.
    Hard Court- the long bank above the court needs clearing. Try to get a large work party to do this over the winter.

Accounts for payment

  • HMRC 42.40
  • Mrs J Walters- clerks wages & exps 184.51
  • Mrs S Winn- toilet cleaning 225.00
  • Mr D Austin – website maintenance 140.00
  • EDF quarterly bill 25.90
  • Andy Full green bin for Tarr Path 36.00
  • RBL Poppy Appeal 100.00
  • Christchurch PCC ground maintenance 200.00
  • Kevin Green- notice boards 694.32pd
  • Mark Dallyn- fence repairs CPF 543.81pd
  • TOTAL £2191.94

Chqs were agreed and signed.
Financial reports: end October, 2018 Treasurers A/C £13,568.37 Savs £565.29, Cap £726.72 TOTAL £14,860.38
Clerk has put in a VAT reclaim.
Budget for 2019/2020- Cllr Austin had put together an outline budget for our loan application. This was presented to Councillors to look at and takes into consideration loan repayments for the VH. A precept of £8,870.00 was suggested to cover all costs. Agreement of this figure was proposed by Cllr Green and seconded by Cllr Bastock, all agreed.

  1. CORRESPONDENCE James Tucker re Tarr Path- dealt with in Matters Arising
    Martin Rich- Devon Communities information re smart meters.
  2. MATTERS AT CHAIRMAN’S DISCRETION Ash trees felled on a public footpath without warning signs or notices- permission for this work had been given by ENPA but no notices were put up. Clerk to contact ENPA to request that we are kept informed of work such as this.
    Parishioners are reminded that they need to clean up after theirs dogs in all areas around the village.
    The PC is pleased to support an application for an external wall cash point in Lynton.
    Meeting closed at 9pm Next meeting 8th January, 2019.

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