Minutes 8 May 2018

Draft minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday 8th May at the village hall, Parracombe.
Councillors present: Mr J Holtom (Chair), Mrs S Bastock (Vice-Chair), Mr S Cheetham, Mr D Austin, Mr W Fawcett.
Clerk: Mrs J Walters.
APOLOGIES Mr K Green, Cllr Davis (for the beginning of the meeting), J Lovering, Lynton Police. Cllr Tansley sent apologies and also said that he was stepping down from the PC. Thank you to Ian from everyone for his valued contribution to the work of the PC. The Clerk will report the vacancy to NDC.

The meeting was attended by a number of parishioners.

  1. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT. The Parish Council has had another very busy year dominated by L&BR planning, efforts to secure purchase of the village hall and to formulate a Community Plan for Parracombe. These matters will be reported under Parish Business.The PC was asked to speak at the last Exmoor Consultative and Parish Forum meeting regarding current issues in the village, in particular about affordable housing.Thank you to everyone on the PC who have worked on these issues. Also to the Clerk and our local Councillors for their contributions. We would also like to thank all those whose efforts in the village contribute to our community life.
  2. FINANCIAL REPORT. There were no matters arising from the audit for 2016/17. It was pointed out that petty cash should have been reported as ‘not covered’ rather than ‘no’ in the internal audit report as the PC does not run a petty cash book. Thank you to Pauline Cook who carried out the internal audit.
  3. PARISH BUSINESS RAOB Village Hall- There was a meeting of the RAOB on 27th April, 2018 at which a letter from the PC setting out our position on the Hall was read out. This included history and supporting documents. A lengthy discussion followed and the PC is now the preferred bidder providing an offer can be made which is close to that of the other bidder. Our legal advisor has suggested that it may be better for the PC to make an increased offer rather than pursue the matter through the courts as a result in our favour could not be guaranteed. All agreed that this was the best option for the PC to take.
    The formation of a Community Land Trust will help with funding bids and allow parishioners and friends invest in village projects.
    Lynton and Barnstaple Railway- Planning consent has been approved on all applications apart from at The Halt. Representations were made to the public meeting and Grampian conditions have been attached to the planning consent. This means that work cannot commence before all the land is purchased and all the funding is in place. There have been issues of trespass, surveillance and harassment reported.
    There may be some help available with village projects from the railway.
    Community Land Trust- An open meeting has been held with the Wessex Trust in attendance to explain how to set up a Community Land Trust to oversee the current village projects. A steering committee was formed and a meeting set for later this month. A Community Land Trust could take on the freehold of the village hall and pavilion. This would secure them for the village in perpetuity.
    School- The ‘keep clear’ sign and zig zags have only been painted on one side of the road so vehicles are still parking opposite the gates and blocking the road.
    Narrowing of all the roads around the village, due to mud and vegetation is causing problems for vehicles passing including around the school. Cllr Davis asked that this be reported via NDC website, also blocked drains and potholes.
    Air Ambulance night landing sight- All the funding is in place for this project and a planning decision is expected in the very near future. We hope to be able to instruct contractors to begin the work within the month.


  1. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN Cllr Holtom stepped down as Chairman. He was nominated again by Cllr Austin with the proposal seconded by Cllr Bastock. There were no other nominations. All agreed.
  2. CHAIRMAN’S ACCEPTANCE OF OFFICE Cllr Holtom accepted office and took the Chair. Thanks was given by Cllrs and parishioners in attendance.
  3. ELECTION OF VICE-CHAIRMAN. Cllr Bastock proposed Cllr Austin, this was seconded by Cllr Holtom. All agreed.
  4. POLICE MATTERS PCSO Cleverdon sent her apologies and an annual report. There were 5 crimes and 30 incidents reported. Many of the incidents involved off roads motorcycling across SSSI’s. Poaching has continued to be a problem. Police report will be posted on the website.
  5. CONSULTATION AND PLANNING 62/50/18/005 Proposed conversion of barn to holiday unit. Retrospective. Heale Farm, Parracombe. Cllr Holtom declared an interest in this application and took no part in the discussion or vote. Cllrs all agreed to ask ENPA to determine this application in line with current planning policy. They felt that this may fall outside current policy. There is an agricultural tie on the property as a whole and conversion of a barn to a holiday let takes away from generating an income from farming.
    62/50/18/004 Proposed replacement of garage and store. Pimbury, Parracombe. There were no objections to this work going ahead.
  6. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING These were agreed and signed for meetings in January, February and March, 2018.
  7. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES These have been dealt with under other headings.
  8. OTHER MATTERS a) Coronation Playing Field- The new season of grass cutting is underway. The report from RoSPA has been received which highlights the same issues as previous years. Ask Sid Dallyn to quote for replacing a number of fence posts and to replace part of the fence at the bottom entrance. b) Park Pavilion- nothing to report. c) Hard Court- Clerk to ask Gerald Tombs to moss treat the court as soon as possible.
    Accounts for payment
    Slee Blackwell- advise re VH purchase £727.49
    RAOB Village Hall- hire in April £10.00
    RAOB Village Hall hire in May for L&B Railway meeting £20.00
    Mrs J Walters-Clerks wages and expenses 2 mths £239.51
    Community First- PC Insurance £571.55
    Playsafety Ltd- play equipment inspection £84.00
    EDF- quarterly bill £33.06
    Mrs S Winn- cleaning + pavilion £200.00
    Mr D Austin- website data input and maintenance Mar / Apr £140.00
    HMRC- tax on Clerks wages £42.40
    Mrs J Walters- wages & exps £191.76
    TOTAL £1566.38
    Financial reports: end April, 2018 C/A £24,034.75, Savings £565.29, Cap £726.72 TOTAL £25,326.76
    The Clerk apologised that she had not been able to complete the accounts in time for this meeting. There are new auditors this year and audit details had not been sent to the correct e-mail address. This year, as a PC with a turnover of less than £25,000, an exemption (from a full audit) certificate can be submitted but the same steps to prepare the accounts are to be followed.
  10. CORRESPONDENCE Correspondence has been dealt with under other headings.
  11. MATTERS AT CHAIRMAN’S DISCRETION Cllr Holtom thanked everyone for attending and was thanked by the meeting for all his work over the past year. There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.10pm. The next meeting will be Tuesday, 3rd July, 2018.

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