Minutes 9 January, 2018

Draft minutes of a meeting held on 9th January at the village hall, Parracombe.
The meeting opened at 7:30pm.
Councillors present: Mr J Holtom (Chair), Mr I Tansley, Mr D Austin, Mr S Cheetham, Mr K Green
Clerk: Mrs J Walters.

    1. APOLOGIES Mrs S Bastock, (Vice-Chair), Cllr Davis, Cllr Gubb, Cllr Lovering. Police .
      Cllr Green proposed the organisation of some flowers to be sent to Cllr Bastock all agreed.
    2. POLICE MATTERS Report of 1 theft in Parracombe and Martinhoe.
    3. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr Austin with reference to payments for the Parracombe website.
    4. PUBLIC CONSULTATION Mr Will Fawcett, Edgehill, came forward for co-option to the PC. Cllrs welcomed our new member and will bring him up to date with the ongoing issues. Clerk to organise the paperwork and inform NDC
    5. PLANNING 62/50/17/011 Proposed reinstatement of hedge bank and alterations to access. Fair View, Parracombe. The following response was sent to ENPA. The Parish Council welcome the reinstatement of the hedge bank however concerns remain. The access is still wider than before and there are no details as to how surface water and run off are to be dealt with. As there is still a large area of hard standing there is concern that runoff will go into the neighbouring property. There needs to be an undertaking that the entrance will not be used for railway access. Please can we request that the security light be re angled and lowered to prevent it shining into other properties.
      62/43/18/001 Replacement of machinery shed, Heddon Valley. Details not yet received but provisionally no objections raised.
    6. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING Minutes from 7th and 21st November, 2017 were agreed and signed.
    7. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES Community Plan- Questionnaires have been delivered and a drop in session arranged for 17th January at the Village Hall.
      Village Shop & PO- Application to form a Community Land Trust to facilitate village projects will cost £500. All agreed that Cllr Austin put this into action.
      Highways- Speeding concerns raised to be followed up. Also report freezing water on main road around Rowley Barton due to blocked drains and Parracombe sign has been knocked sideways. Contact Cllr Davies. It was reported that there will not be any clearance of gullies or drains other than on main roads.
      Website- Parracombe.org.uk site is up and running. Historical material is being uploaded.
      DAAT night landing site- Estimated cost £7895. Money raised to date- £1265 (Exmoor Trust), £1000 (DCC), £4300 (DAAT), £300 (from each Parish) and £1400 (Woolhanger fund raiser) Total £8865 which leaves funds in hand for future maintenance. Thank you to all who have worked to raise this money.
    8. OTHER MATTERS CORONATION PLAYING FIELD & PARK PAVILLION a) Coronation Playing Field- Clerk to ask Mark Dallyn to redo fence at the lower entrance to the park. b) Park Pavilion- nothing to report. c) Hard Court- Cllr Cheetham to organise work party to clear court Feb/March prior to moss treatment.
      VILLAGE HALL COMMITTEE REPORT- Independent legal advice has been taken regarding the 1932 conveyance clause for the hall. Lease needs to be negotiated particularly if the hall does not come back to the community under the conveyance clause.
      Clerk to sort out hall insurance renewal and look into a possible outstanding electricity bill.
    9. FINANCE

Accounts for payment

      • HMRC £42.40
      • Mrs J Walters- clerks wages & exps £179.76
      • Mrs S Winn- toilet cleaning £226.00
      • Slee Blackwell- solicitors advice £438.00
      • M. Dallyn – repairs to fence posts CPF £201.23
      • Mr D Austin- website setup £1965.96
      • Mr D Austin – website data input and maintenance £140.00
      • RAOB electricity charge £146.51
      • TOTAL £3339.86

Chqs were agreed and signed. Clerk to get a new cheque signatory mandate form from Lloyds bank and add Cllr Austin to those able to sign cheques.
Receipts- £2759.65 grants and fund raising for DAAT night landing site.
Financial reports: end November, 2017 Treasurers A/C £25,481.30, Savs £565.04, Cap £726.36 TOTAL £26,772.70
Budget for 2018/19- Precept form has been completed with the shortfall of £407.50 in the Parish Grant being added to the Precept.
Reply to Mrs Salter regarding accounts was discussed.

    Mr N LeDieu- thank you for donation to the Poppy Appeal.
    Mrs L Highton- thank you from Christchurch PCC for donations.
    Dealt with in other agenda items.
  2. MATTERS AT CHAIRMAN’S DISCRETION Cllr Green offered to look into notice boards for Bodley and the village.
    A suggestion for a future project was made. Could we have a green waste re-cycling centre like the one set up in Bratton Fleming?
    Meeting closed at 8.50pm. Next meeting 6th March, 2018.

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