Minutes 9 June 2020

A virtual meeting of the above-named Parish Council held on Tuesday 9th June 2020 at 7.30pm using Zoom as the internet meeting tool

Present: – Cllr’s. D. Austin, S. Bastock, S. Cheetham, D Harding, and J. Holtom (Chairman).

Also, in attendance, Cllr Patrinos together with three members of the public and three representative of the Lynton Lynmouth Railway and the Clerk (who re-joined the meeting after item 15/06/20)

01/06/20 Welcome by the Chairman and Introduction

The Chairman welcomed all to the virtual meeting of Parracombe Parish Council

02/06/20 Open Public Participation Session

The Chairman brought forward planning item 62/50/20/004 as the representatives from the railway and members of the public wished to discuss.

A member of the public, Clive Robey, spoke about the work the railway were doing on their own land for maintenance purposes. Although there are currently no plans to open in the near future work still needs to be carried out. Grass cutting, essential maintenance etc. all carried out with Government guidelines regarding COVID 19 and keeping people safe. He then informed the Council that he wishes to improve communications between Parracombe and the railway and offered himself as a contact should anyone have any queries.

A member of the LBR, Chris Duffell, then spoke about plans to apply for a Transport & Works Act Order. This will allow the railway to compulsory purchase the land they need. The book of Reference and Land Plans they are using are out of date and some parcels are unregistered. Notices have gone up asking for information if anyone locally knows anything about these parcels. The draft Order will be deposited in the summer, there will be 6 weeks of consultation then the Secretary of State determines terms attached to the Order. Another member of the LLR confirmed the Office of Rail and Road is the Governing body for the railway and all that the railway undertakes. He also confirmed funds will be available before work commences.

Residents: Louise and David Grob, affected by the railway proposals, then raised queries regarding the LBR’s funding position business plan and outlined concerns of a legal nature regarding the undecided application and extant consent and made their position regarding proposed TWAO clear.

A resident, Harry Harrison, then asked why the Parish Council had not responded to this application as was discussed and minuted at the last meeting. It was explained that the issues had been raised by the Chairman and that a meeting with the Head of Planning ENPA and Lead Planning officer was to take place at a date to be agreed, but the additional consultation response would be submitted.

Cllr. Harding reported many residents were confused about the best way to contact the local Police in an urgent but not emergency situation. Parish Council asked to write to Police to clarify. Action Clerk and Cllr Holtom

03/06/20 Police Report

There was no police presence. A newsletter had been circulated previously.

Further concerns about people staying overnight in camper’s tents etc. loud groups of speeding motorcycles and people in second homes have been massive issues for residents over the past few weeks. This issue is also to be raised with the Parks Authority at a Forum meeting which Cllr Holtom will be attending on 16th June 2020. These matters are on the Agenda. Cllr Holtom to report at the next meeting. Action Cllr Holtom and Clerk

04/06/20 County Council Report

County Councillor A Davis was not present. No report received.

05/06/20 District Council Report

District Councillor J Patrinos reported that discretionary grants concerning the Covid-19 had paid out a total of £38 ½ million. There are still companies that have not claimed.

The separation of glass in the recycling bins had been a tremendous help speeding up collection, safer for the staff and sorting at the depot. Ultimately it should be cheaper in the long term. This will be a permanent change in the future perhaps with a blue bin for collection of glass.

Town centres are beginning to open and a Clean air policy for the congestion in Braunton to be rolled out soon.

Closed Council session

06/06/20 To receive apologies for absence

Cllr. Bloore

07/06/20 Declarations of Member’s Interests

Cllr. Harding re amendments to planning 62/50/20/003

08/06/20 To approve and to sign later, the Minutes of the meetings held on 5th May 2020

These were agreed to be approved at the next meeting

09/06/20 Matters arising

Now the addresses of Tim and Jemma’s family have been sought a letter will be sent asking permission for a plague and any words they would like. Action Clerk & Cllr. Holtom

10/06/20 Casual vacancy for Parish Councillor

Following advertisements for a further Councillor no one had been in contact. Keep on Agenda for discussion at next meeting. Action Clerk

11/06/20 Possible merger with Trentishoe Parish

To be kept on the Agenda for the next meeting Action Clerk

12/06/20 Parracombe Community Trust

Cllr. Austin reported that he had today submitted an application to Power to Change a lottery funded organisation for match funding for the Shop. A meeting to discuss the application will be held on 17th June 2020. Following success of this application the Community Share Offer should then go out August to September 2020 with a view for the project to be completed by Spring 2021. There is a Committee meeting 11th June 2020. Solicitors have been instructed with regard to the lease between PPC and PCT. Parish Council members will need to give thought to the amount they should invest. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

The Village Hall committee was constituted in February 2020. Discussions are taking place with regard to the work that needs to be done with regard to the health and safety of its users and the work required for updating. A working party tidied up the outside space which looks great.

Good news also on the Housing initiative that funding is available to start the pre planning phase of the application.

13/06/20 Planning applications – new (1)

62/50/20/009 Heale Farm, Parracombe, Barnstaple, EX31 4QE

It was agreed that the Parish Council has no objections as long as the decision is in keeping with Policy and it was felt a shame that part of the application was retrospective

Pending or resolved by ENPA (9)

/1 62/50/19/013 Rowley Moor Farm, Parracombe, Devon

Proposed conversion of stables to one Local Needs Affordable dwelling. – Not yet decided

/2 62/50/20/003  Location: Sunnyside Farm, Road. From Bodley Cross to Prestonford Cottages, Parracombe, EX31 4QJ

Proposal: Change of use of redundant agricultural building of stone construction to residential use with small extension. Transfer of independent residential use from the cottage to the barn and amalgamation of the cottage with the farmhouse – Not yet decided

Amendments have been received to reduce the amount of living space. Council had no objections and stood by original comments A further consultee response to that effect would be submitted. Action Clerk

/3 62/50/20/004 Location: Land in Field to the North of the A39 West of Holwell Wood, and Land on Access track to Rowley Barton

Proposal: Proposed reinstatement of railway line, creation of cutting and embankment previously removed together with new railway bridge. (amendment to approved application ref 62/50/16/001) Not yet decided – discussed in Open Session.

/4 62/50/20/007 Location: 3 Prestonford Cottages, Parracombe, Barnstaple, EX31 4QJ
Proposal: Proposed replacement of existing timber window and door with uPVC. Approved with conditions

/5 62/50/20/008 Location: Hednacott, Churchtown, Parracombe, Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 4RJ
Proposal: Proposed terracing of garden area. Part retrospective. Approved with conditions


Proposal: Proposed installation of 11m replica telegraph pole and associated apparatus.


14/06/20 Finance:

/1 Additional payments made since the last notification of the Agenda: –

EDF Energy Pavilion £ 24.55 – Paid by bank transfer

A Cut Above Playing field maintenance £ 170.00 – Paid by bank transfer

PWL Loan repayment £ 875.12 – Direct Debit

Interest Lloyds bank £ 0.05 – Income

A Cut Above Playing field maintenance £ 170.00 – Paid by bank transfer

The following payments are due to be approved for payment: –


/2 Financial Report from the Clerk

Not given

15/06/20 Roles and Responsibilities

  1. PROWS: Footpaths & Bridleways: Cheetham nothing to report. Cllr. Holtom stated the blockage on the Killington to Kittitoe path had been reported.
  2. Highways: Signage/Drains/potholes and surfaces: Cllr. Holtom has completed the online course.
  3. Trees and Playing field equipment:Cllr. Holtom reported the tree by the car park at the Coronation field had been felled. It was decided to monitor the other 2 trees.

    Cllr. Bastock had distributed a spread sheet showing the quotes received. Following discussion, it was decided not to make a large investment at this time considering the prospective works regarding the shop. It was decided to carry out the works essential from the RoSPA report. Replace junior swing seats and associated fixings. Remove Toddler swing and zip slide. £1000 is available from Cllr. Davies. Cllr. Harding has bought new fixings and Cllr Bastock to order new seats and chains for the junior swings. Cllr. Bloore to be asked to help with Cllr. Harding to remove zip slide and toddler swings. Thank you to Cllr. Bastock for painting the spring to the rocker seat and sowing grass under the fireman’s pole. Action Cllr. Harding

  4. Emergency Planning and Snow warden:Nothing to report
  5. Liaison with school and Church:Cllr. Harding reported that the church has carried on with virtual services which have been well attended and received. The Diocese has asked PCC to look at reopening which is about to be discussed. The gates are back and look fantastic. The school is not opening at the present time.
  6. Website and publicity, communications:
    Cllr. Austin suggested discussing this at the next meeting.
  7. Liaison with PCT:See item 12/06/20
  8. Planning noting applications contact for affected parties and applications & LPA etc: See item 13/05/20
  9. Finance:
    See item 14/06/20
  10. Human resources: Bastock is happy to carry out the yearly review of the Clerk. There is a template for questions from both parties may want to ask. Action Cllr Bastock

The Clerk managed to rejoin the meeting at this point due to technical difficulties

16/06/20 Continued membership of Devon Communities Together

£50 a year Agreed. Action Clerk

17/06/20 Scheme of Delegation

Cllr. Harding proposed we adopted this during these unprecedented time in line with NALC recommendations. Seconded by Cllr Bastock Cllr Harding to distribute the DALC template.

18/06/20 Councillor Advocate Scheme/ Communication with the Police

Cllr. Harding volunteered for this role. Agreed. Action Clerk

19/06/20 Complaints of unusual motorbike noise on A39

See 03/06/20

20/06/20 Clerk’s Annual Review

Cllr. Bastock to arrange a meeting with the Clerk to carry this out and report back.

21/06/20 To confirm the date of the next meeting

Tuesday 7th July 2020 was set as the date for the next meeting

22/05/20 Any Items for the next agenda

Website maintenance to go out for three quotations for maintenance and regular updating

The meeting closed at 21.35

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