Notice to all Parties Considering Purchase of Parracombe RAOB Village Hall

Parracombe RAOB Village Hall site was sold for a ‘peppercorn’ figure of £5 to the RAOB in 1932 by the wife of the then Vicar of Parracombe Mrs F.M.K. Jackson for ‘the use and benefit of Heddon Valley Lodge of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes so long as such Lodge shall be in existence and from and after such lodge shall have ceased to exist as a separate lodge then upon Trust (but subject to any Mortgage which shall be in existence at that time) for the use and benefit of the said Parish of Parracombe….’ (Extract taken from Paragraph 1 of the conveyance dated 5th of December 1932). The Community believe that the clear intention of the parties was that if the Hall ceased to be used by the Heddon Valley Lodge for its meetings, then the hall should revert to the Community. It has been suggested that the placing of the Village Hall for sale should trigger the restriction set out above.

Please note that the Hall is a Registered Community Asset and the Community has served a right to bid notice, the Community have also submitted a conditional offer for the Hall without prejudice to the restriction set out above.

The Hall is currently occupied under the terms of a protected tenancy under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 the tenants are a village hall charitable trust with Parracombe Parish Council acting as custodian trustee. The original lease ended in 2016 and the tenants are holding over.

A Section 26 lease renewal notice has been served upon the Landlords and subject to contract negotiations for a new lease were in an advanced position, when it was discovered that the RAOB had issues regarding good title. These title issues are now resolved and the Community have invited the RAOB to complete the New Lease negotiations.

It has allegedly been represented to potential purchasers that the hall is under-utilised. Please be aware that the Hall is vital to the Community and is well used.

Please be aware of the relevant policy HC-D19 for Safeguarding Local Services and Community Facilities in the ENPA Local Plan.

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