Object 19 Pimbury

Emma Tucker writes

“On the 1st June 1995 we collected the keys for Pimbury. It was an amazing opportunity but needed far more work than we anticipated. We’ve loved it- well most of it anyway! We’re very proud to have been able to bring up our children here.Pimbury was built in 1904 by a London gentleman, Alfred Gustave Buhl ( his father was from Saxony). We have no idea what brought him here. It was called Fernleigh. His daughter was born here in 1905 but the house was sold in 1914 and again in 1918 but this time to Alfred’s friend and local auctioneer, Herbert Court (Mary Yeo’s grandfather) Herbert lived here until his wife became ill and he built the current Fernleigh in the bottom garden in the late 20s.The 1939 census shows a divorcee, Violet Birtill living here – the house being named Richmond Hill. By the early 50s it had become The Rectory and was owned by the Church until 1968 when the Canon’s bought it as a holiday home”

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