Over 50 years of revelling

Parracombe Revels came about because the villagers had so much fun celebrating the coronation of Elizabeth II that they wanted an annual event that could involve the whole community. Channelling the coronation, a Revel Queen was crowned each year, there was a gala on the Coronation Playing Field and usually a concert or play (with top notch Dad jokes) in the Village Hall. Money raised was used to support village causes. This video is a compilation of photos and movies from 1954 – 2005 and was produced by a team from the village. The copyright is now with PAHS and we are putting it on line for the legitimate interest of the community. However, if you are shown in the video and unhappy having your image placed on line, please get in touch (pahsinfo@gmail.com) and we will edit out the section that features you.

The last Parracombe Revels took place in 2008. The commitment of the villagers to having fun continues however in the shape of the annual Quarryfest, which has taken over both the celebration and the fundraising that were the essence of Parracombe Revels.

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