Minutes 10 Jan 2017


Draft minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday 10th January, 2017 at the village hall, Parracombe.

The meeting opened at 7.30pm.

Councillors present: Mr J Holtom (Chair),Mr I Tansley (Vice-Chair), Mrs S Bastock, Mr S Cheetham, Mr D Austin . DDC Cllr Andrea Davis, Clerk: Mrs J Walters.

  1. APOLOGIES Mr B Edgington, NDC. Cllr Yvette Gubb, Cllr Lovering. Lynton police.
    Nothing to report.
    Cllr Bastock re Village Hall, Cllr Holton re affordable housing.
  5. PLANNING Section 119 Highways Act 1980. Proposed diversion of public footpath 13 (part), Parish of Parracombe. West Hill to East Hill Farm, Parracombe. Proposed Cllr Austin that the PC support this proposed change, all agreed. Retrospective permission has been granted for windows at Church Cottage. Eucalyptus felling at The Summer House has been passed.
    These were agreed and signed for 1st November and 21st November, 2016.
  7. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES Village Hall- E-mails have been circulated with updates from Mr Howard-Baker. Buffs are trying to get a valuation done for the hall. VH insurance from Together Insurance £566.49 agreed by PC need to have PC as insured and change correspondence address. This to be agreed with Mr Howard Baker. Further discussion time to allocated in March meeting.Pinch point – new signs are in place.Peel House and affordable housing- Report from a meeting held with Colin Savage held earlier in the day. ND Homes have indicated that they are unable to upgrade Peel House to a sufficient standard. Colin Savage reported that new funding of £60 million has been put in place for affordable, local needs housing. The parish was asked if they wanted to make a community bid for funding. The Parish Council would need to be the lead in this. Local needs would have to be resurveyed. A minimum need of 5 dwellings would be required for a bid, definition and types of housing identified, these could include house for life eg bungalows with wheelchair access throughout. 2/3 sites for affordable housing have been identified. ENPA new local plan and planning should be in place within 6 months which should give new guidelines on affordable, local needs housing. A resolution was passed, with all councillors in agreement, that we should proceed with this. Colin Savage to be contacted as soon as possible to find out what needs to be done next.
  8. CORONATION PLAYING FIELD & PARK PAVILLIONa) Coronation Playing Field- Clerk to ask Andrew von Koutrick for his tree report. Play equipment survey forms have come back. Discussion of results and next steps to be added to March agenda.b) Park Pavilion- nothing to report.c) Hard Court- leaf clearance has been carried out. Still waiting for grass cutting quote from Gerald Tombs and for moss treatment to be done.
  9. FINANCE. Accounts for payment
    • HMRC £42.40
    • Mrs J Walters- clerks wages & exps £183.32
    • Mrs S Winn- toilet cleaning £180.00
    • SWW- quarterly bill (VH) £22.84
    • Scottish Power (VH) £136.26
    • Together Insurance (VH) £566.49
    • SWW- quarterly bill £31.68
    • EDF – quarterly bill £35.31 (pd)
    • TOTAL £1162.89

    Chqs were agreed and signed.

    Financial reports: end Dec.2016

    Treasurers A/C £19,213.16

    Savs £564.79, Cap £726.00

    TOTAL £20,503.95

    Budget 2017/18 – Precept final forms signed and accepted as agreed in November, 2016. Prop Cllr Green and sec Cllr Cheetham – all agreed.

  10. CORRESPONDENCE. Shelley’s, Lynmouth- via e-mail re Parracombe tourism signs. Suggest that they contact Cllr Davis directly. Mrs Salter- via e-mail re were to put weeds from the hall forecourt and banks. It was suggested that these could continue to be put in the car parking area.
  11. MATTERS AT CHAIRMAN’S DISCRETION. Cllr Davis reported that work to put in a roundabout at NDDH turning was due to start at the end of January. Work is expected to take about 15 weeks and cause significant traffic disruption. Also PC Martin Beck has been awarded a National Wildlife Crime Operation Award from Trading Standards for an anti-poaching operation across Exmoor.No updates on L & BR received ENPA- Local Plan Consultation. Re-consultation underway on affordable housing issues. Thank you to those who completed the survey on Exmoor Life. Angela Pedder (NDDH trust) will be in Lynton 27th Jan. 2017 12.45-2pm Landowners with roadside hedges are reminded that they need to trimmed back during the winter please. Nothing heard back about adopting phone boxes as yet.

The meeting closed at 8.45pmpm.

Date of the next meeting 7th March, 2017

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