Minutes 15 January 2014

Draft minutes of a meeting held on 15th January, 2014 at the village hall, Parracombe. The meeting opened at 7.30pm.
Councillors present: Mrs U Goode,(Chair), Mr I Tansley, (Vice-Chair), Mr A Holland, Mr B Edgington, Mr J Holtom.

Clerk: Mrs J Walters.

  1. APOLOGIES. DCC. Cllr Andrea Davis. NDC Cllr. Julia Clark, Cllr Yvette Gubb. Lynton Police team.
  2. POLICE MATTERS. Police report- there were no recorded crimes in the past 2 months.
    Tarr Path – Gifted to the village in 1904 by the owners of Pimbury when it was built. The National Path is unable to take any action over the hedge as it is not obstructing the footpath. However they did suggest setting up a meeting between all interested parties and that they would be willing to attend. Clerk to arrange. All agreed.
    Trees- A tree report has been received from Mark Evans of Arbmark Tree Care. This recommends reduction or felling of the sycamore on the hedge by Prestonford Cottages, a limb reduction of a beech on the hill hedge and of the beech at the top of Tarr Path. Clerk to get 3 quotes for the works.
    Steve Cheetham has volunteered to carry on the Best Kept Village work. Thank you.
  4. PLANNING . 62/50/13/015 /&016LB Listed Building Consent for proposed internal alterations to existing utility area, removal of existing asbestos roof sheeting and replace with natural slate together with the modification of the pitch of the roof to match existing roof. East Bodley Farm, Parracombe.
    Mrs Bastock attended the meeting and was able to explain some modifications to the original plans requested by ENPA. There were no objections to this work going ahead.
  5. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING. These were agreed and signed.
  6. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES. Quarry fields- Quote of £200-250 to clear scrub was received from Andrew Adams. However as we do not want to sell at present non-intervention management was agreed.
    Co-option- there have been 2 expressions of interest in the vacancies on the Parish Council, it is hoped they will be filled at the next meeting.
  7. CORONATION PLAYING FIELD & PARK PAVILLION a) Coronation Playing Field- Cllr Tansley to looked at the equipment before Christmas and Cllr Holland in the week following the meeting. A new check list is to be compiled. Clerk to aask RoSPA to do a formal inspection in March. b) Park Pavilion- nothing to report. c) Hard Court- nothing to report.
    Accounts for payment£
    RAOB Village Hall- hire in Nov10.00
    Mrs J Walters- clerks wages & exps£222.16
    Mrs U Goode- toilet cleaning Sept-Nov£45.00
    Mrs S Winn- toilet cleaning Dec-Jan£120.00
    SWW quarterly bill£9.57

    Cheques were agreed and signed
    Financial reports: Nov. C/A £12,728.66 Savs £564.04, Cap £724.92 TOTAL £14017.62
    Part 2 discussion on tenders for grass cutting and cleaning toilets- members of the public were excluded from this part of the meeting.
    Tenders for grass cutting- No reply from L&LTC re their grass cutting arrangements but one has been received since the meeting. Clerk to pursue the matter. Also to contact Gerald Tombs by the end of the month.
    Tenders for toilet and Pavilion cleaning- 2 received. The contract was awarded to Sharon Winn who will also be unlocking and locking the toilets. Clerk to ask that the toilets are left open for as long as possible during the summer months.
    Precept and Grant- there was £85 disallowed on the grant all agreed that this need not be added to the Precept as it would not create a shortfall

    The lengths man programme has been received but has been delayed due to the bad weather.
    Cllr Goode tendered her resignation from the Parish Council as she has moved to Cornwall. She thanked all the Cllrs for their support over her 15 years as a Councillor. The Parish Council wished her well in her new home and job. They gave their thanks for all her work on the Council and as Chairman. Also for all the other activities she has been involved with, including best kept village, Revels and Christmas choir. The Clerk will inform NDC of the vacancy.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20pm

Next meeting 12th March, 2014.

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