Minutes  24 January 2012


Draft minutes of a meeting held on  24th January, 2012 at the village hall, Parracombe.

Councillors present:  Mr B Moore (Chair), Mr M Duncan,   Mrs U Goode (Vice-Chair), Mr K Green, Mr I Tansley, Mr B Edgington.

Clerk:Mrs J Walters.

Cllrs.  Yvette Gubb, Julia Clark and Andrea Davis.

  1. APOLOGIES. Mr A Holland .
  2. POLICE MATTERS. PC Mark Hendry in attendance. 1 crime involving misuse of a bank card was reported. There have been 4 incidents of fuel oil thefts in Lynmouth in the last 4-6 weeks so we are asked to be vigulant. Community messaging posters were distributed.
  3. PUBLIC CONSULATION AND PLANNING. Cllr Goode asked if it would be possible to move Parish Council meetings to another evening as she has choir commitments on a Tuesday. It was decided to move to the 4th Wednesday of each month making the next meeting Weds. 22nd February, 2012. Clrr Goode thanked the other Cllrs for their help.
    Planning- 62/50/012LB for general restoration and repair work. Part retrospective. Addtional information was also sent regarding work to chimney and rain water goods. There were no objections to the work and Cllrs expressed support for therestroation and use of traditional materials.
    Public footpath diversion order 2011 4A, Heddon Valley Mill. No objections.
    Proposed public footpaths orders and agreements- West Exmoor and Watersmeet- no objections
    Sunnyside planning appeal – appeal turned down on highways grounds.
    Stone building, Elkscombe Lane- Certificate of Lawfulness received. Clerk to write confirming wording of the certificate and that it remains as stated. Prop Cllr Edgington, sec Cllr Goode vote 5 for and 1 abstention.
    Clerk to speak to Ione re bridleway signs.
  4. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING These were agreed and signed.
  5. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES Clerk to write letter of thanks to Robbie Rawle for work in the playing field. Community Newsletter- Cllr Edgington to encourage launch, some S137 money may be available to help with costs. Cllrs Goode and Tansley offered to help Kevin Marshall with the editorial.
    a) Coronation Playing Field The play area grass needs cutting and the brambles clearing. Cllrs Edgington, Duncan and Green offered to tackle this when we have a dry spell. Book passed to Cllr Edgington.
    b) Park Pavilion estimated water bill received. Clerk to make sure meter is read next quarter. Path to toilets is very muddy and needs clearing.
    c) Hard Court Hinged door has not been put in end of hard court fence as it was felt it may weaken the fencing.
    Accounts for payment
  • Bruce Edgington- works to Pavilion, materials and travel expenses Dec/Jan. including purchase of mini salt spreader £168.32
  • RAOB VH- hire in Nov £5.00
  • SWW quarterly bill £25.78
  • Mrs J Walters-clerks wages & exps £225.23
  • Mr C Aldworth- cleaning and court maintenance Nov- Jan £172.50
  • P. Chapman-Walker- moving salt and supply of tarpaulins £40.00
  • TOTAL £586.83
  1. Chqs were agreed and signed.Financial reports: end Dec C/A £5,473.03, Savs £563.53, Cap £724.20 TOTAL £6,760.76

    Parish Grant- There were many letters sent opposing this cut so it is still under review.

    Precept acceptance form signed.

    Toilet maintenance grant form- Clerk to begin filling form and bring to next meeting.
    Christchurch PCC- thank you for donation towards churchyard upkeep and towards the fabric repair fund.
    NDC- full register of electors.
  3. MATTERS AT CHAIRMAN’S DISCRETION The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee- Mr Dallyn has offered use of his land for a beacon. This and other possible celebrations to be discussed at the next meeting.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9pm. Next meeting 22nd February- Wednesday

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