Minutes 5 December 2012


Draft minutes of a meeting held on  5th December, 2012 at the village hall, Parracombe.

Councillors present:  Mrs U Goode (Chair), Mr M Duncan, (Vice-Chair), Mr B Moore,  Mr B Edgington,  Mr I Tansley, Mr A Holland, Mr K Green.

Clerk: Mrs J Walters.

Cllrs. Yvette Gubb, Julia Clark.

  1. APOLOGIES. Andrea Davis, PCSO Grace Cleverdon .
  2. POLICE MATTERS. A report was received from PCSO Cleverdon- last month there was 1 crime of common assault. There were no crimes in the previous month. Oil thefts are continuing please keep vigilant.
  4. PLANNING . None.
  5. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING.These were agreed and signed.
  6. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES.Localism and Standards – Clerk was advised to speak to the monitoring officer re PC obligations. We want to know what will be published on the website and whether NDC have all the information they need from our Cllrs.? Also the new code still says NDC on the pages.
    School– Cllr Edgington wrote to Cllr Hart at DCC. Reply says that progress is being made. It has been arranged that Cllrs receive a copy of the school newsletter.
    A399 road closure Spring 2013– Work has been postponed to the next financial year. There will be a consultation nearer the time.
    Village improvements– Hedge cutting- a quote of £25 per hour has been received from Simon Rawle to cut the hedges. He estimates about 4 hours work. Clerk to ask him to include the Glebe field, the road between Bodley Cross and Churchtown to the phonebox.
    Prop Cllr Green sec Cllr Duncan that the Parish Council will carry out this work for this year only and advise the land owners that it is their responsibility in the future. Vote 7:0.
  7. CORONATION PLAYING FIELD & PARK PAVILLION a) Coronation Playing Field- Cllr Goode to speak to Fred DeFalbe about the fence. Clerk to ask Sid Dallyn re bill for other fence repair. 2 tender enquiries were made but only 1 reply received. Mike Baker tendered at £455, the same as last year with an additional £100 for bank clearance as requested. Prop Cllr Green, sec Cllr Holland. All agreed. b) Park Pavilion-c) Hard Court- .
  8. FINANCE. Poppy Appeal- a request to increase the donation from £50 to £75 was made. A vote was taken and carried 4:3.
    PWLB -loan payment D/D£136.66

    Accounts for payment£
    Mike Baker-grass cutting & bank clearing£555.00
    RAOB VH- hire in July£10.00
    Mrs J Walters- clerks wages & exps 2 mths£222.66
    Chris Aldworth -cleaning June-end Sept£135.00
    Poppy Appeal donation£75.00
    EDF quarterly bill£26.00
    Northcliff media- tender advertisement£28.80
    Christchurch PCC- donation churchyard£100.00
    Mrs J Walters- Clerks wages & exps222.66

    Chqs were agreed and signed.

    Financial reports: end Nov. C/A £9,973.69, Savs £563.53, Cap £724.20  TOTAL £11,261.42
    Budget 2013/14- Parish Grant for villages with a population of 500 or less will not alter. Maximum grant of £815 will be made for playing field maintenance etc. There was some discussion on the budget needs for next year with some costs expected to rise. However it was decided to cap the Precept at £6271 the same as last year.

    Mr Nicholls- re cow mess on the road. Poor road repair makes it more difficult to clean the road. However most of the cows are being sold so the problem should not arise.
    Carol concert at the Calvert Trust 7th December, al welcome. Parracombe carol service is 14th December.
    Clerk received an e-mail from Kevin Govier at The Ark informing of stable waste dumped on the pleasure ground. Clerk to thank him for the information.
    Town and Parish Fund- letter received from Lynton asking if we would be interested in joining together to request funding to try to draw more tourists to the area. Clerk to reply in the negative as would not benefit Parracombe.
    Parracombe calendar will  be available from the middle of the month. Thanks to local business advertising the calendar has surplus funding. Please support these businesses.
    Cllr Duncan asked to be taken off as a cheque signatory as he will be moving soon. Clerk to arrange.
    There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20pm
    Next meeting 23rd January, 2013.

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