Minutes 7 March 2017


Draft minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday 7th March, 2017 at the village hall, Parracombe.

Mr J Holtom (Chair), Mr I Tansley (Vice-Chair), Mrs S Bastock, Mr S Cheetham, Mr D Austin .
DDC Cllr Andrea Davis, NDC. Cllr Yvette Gubb
Clerk: Mrs J Walters.

  1. APOLOGIES Mr B Edgington, Mr K Green , Cllr Lovering. Lynton police.
  2. POLICE MATTERS Nothing to report.
  3. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST Cllr Bastock re L & B Railway planning.
  5. PLANNING WTCA 17/01 Fell 4 conifers that are excessively large, reduce to 2 metres and remove low hanging and sideways branches of a beech hedge forming the boundary between the property and Bodley Lane. Tranquillity, Bodley Lane.
    There were no objections to these tree works.
    62.50/17/001 Proposed new system for disposal of agricultural waste from livestock market. Exmoor Farmers Market, Blackmoor Gate.
    There were no objections to this work going ahead. All agreed.
    62/50/16/001 Proposed reinstatement of railway line and ancillary development. As per amended plans 11/05/16 and amended plans and details submitted 30/01/17 including further information in respect of Environmental Statement.
    62/50/16/002 Proposed erection of engine shed etc. As per amended plans and details submitted 30/01/17 including further information re Environmental Statement.
    Rowley Moor Farm
    62/50/16/003 Proposed change of use of site of former hotel to railway car park and pedestrian underpass. As per amended plan 11/05/16 and 30/01/17 including Environmental Statement, site of former Hotel, Blackmoor Gate
    62/50/16/004 Proposed demolition of public toilets and shelter etc. As per additional information and plan 09/03/16 and amended plans and details 30/01/17 including Environmental Statement. Site of public car park, Blackmoor Gate.
    62/50/17/002 Proposed temporary use of part of existing highways depot as Materials Recycling Centre in connection with reinstatement of Phase 11A of the L&BR. Beacon Down Depot, Parracombe.
    At the original meeting to discuss the L&BR planning applications the Parish Council felt that they could not support the applications as they stood.
    Further details have been submitted, including an application to use Beacon Down Depot for re-cycling of materials during construction work.
    The meeting was well attended by members of the public and their comments will be published as a separate document.
    After some debate the following resolution was agreed by Councillors (excluding Cllr Bastock who had declared an interest having already submitted an opinion) for submission to ENPA planners.
    We welcome changes that have been made however views remain very divided in our community. If the option of a public inquiry is available we would strongly recommend it.
    We welcome opportunities for local employment and benefits to the community although some parishioners remain unconvinced. However concerns remain about the possible length of the building phase. We don’t want something started that won’t be finished and that leaves properties blighted.
  6. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING These were amended to show Cllr Green was in attendance, then agreed and signed.
  7. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES Village Hall- The hall has been registered as an Asset of Community Value.
    We are still in correspondence with the RAOB but await them resolving the issue of the hall deeds. There was an incident involving an electric fire at the end of February. Clean up of car park and some painting in the hall to be planned as part of village work parties.
    Peel House and affordable housing- There has been a meeting at North Devon Homes and Peel House will no longer be used for affordable housing. In order to progress with new affordable homes options an up to date survey needs to be completed working alongside other local parishes. Kentisbury and Martinhoe would like to be involved and Parracombe has said yes. Survey to be delivered locally.

a) Coronation Playing Field– Thank you to Cllr Bastock and her team for doing the play equipment survey. See separate report . Next step is to look at funding options including Community Councillors Grant and TAP fund. Tree inspection report. Copy sent to Clerk was incomplete. Work to remove a limb overhanging the car park was flagged as needing to addressed within 3 months. Clerk to arrange to meet Andrew to discuss works and ask for quotes and a full report. Cllrs all agreed to go ahead with work to ensure safety in car park.

b) Park Pavilion– nothing to report.

c) Hard Court– Still waiting for grass cutting quote from Gerald Tombs and for moss treatment to be done. Clerk to follow up.


Accounts for payment

HMRC £42.40

Mrs J Walters – clerks wages &amp exps £185.81

Mrs S Winn – toilet cleaning £180.00

PWLB – repayment D/D end March £136.66

EDF – quarterly bill £48.54

Andrew V Koutrick tree inspection £400.00

TOTAL – £983.41

Chqs were agreed and signed.
Financial reports: end Jan 2017 Treasurers A/C £17,800.17 Savs £564.79, Cap £726.00 TOTAL £19,090.96
EDF – A new contract has been agreed for 3 years with reduced daily standing charges and price per unit for the pavilion electricity.
A letter was received from Sharon Winn requesting an increase in weekly pay rate from £20 to £25. Propose agree Cllr Holtom, seconded Cllr Tansley. All agreed. Clerk to write to confirm new rate and thank Sharon for her work.

  1. CORRESPONDENCE Letter from Arlington PC – regarding involvement in funding a landing site for the Air Ambulance at Blackmoor Gate. All Cllrs expressed their support for this and Cllr Austin agreed to be the contact. Arlington and Kentisbury are already involved. Seed funding for night landing site of £1000 has come from County Councillors Grant.
    Life Education Wessex- ask school about this organisation.
    Peter Heaton-Jones- re STP and his work to safeguard all services at NDDH.
    Public Rights of Way- letter regarding review of the Devinitive Map. E-mail and invite to attend at 7pm prior to our AGM.
  2. MATTERS AT CHAIRMAN’S DISCRETION Open Day at St.Petrocks and Village Hall with stalls and refreshments 4th June, 2017.
    It has been suggested that a Parish deer management plan logged with the police may be a way to help counter poaching. Clerk was asked to contact PC Beck to come and talk to us about the scheme.

Meeting closed at 9.30pm. Next meeting Annual Parish Meeting 2nd May,2017.


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