Minutes 9 May 2017

Draft minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday 9th May,2017 at the village hall, Parracombe.
Councillors present: Mr J Holtom (Chair), Mr I Tansley (Vice-Chair), Mr B Edgington, Mrs S Bastock, Mr D Austin.
Clerk: Mrs J Walters.
APOLOGIES Mr S Cheetham, Mr K Green, Cllrs Andrea Davis, Yvette Gubb, J Lovering.
The meeting was attended by a number of parishioners.

  1. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT The last year has been busy for PPC with the ongoing issues of the planning applications made by the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway and the Village Hall. Both will be considered under Parish Business. A steering group was set up to look into replacing play equipment at the Coronation playing field. Further details will be discussed in the PC meeting.
    Thank you to all Councillors for their work over the past year. Also our District and County Cllrs for their help and in particular to Andrea for the village signs.
    There has been a lot of tree work in the village over the past year and hedges have been trimmed. Thank you to village work party, cleaners and grass cutters for their contribution towards keeping the village tidy.
    Cllr Edgington indicated that he would be stepping down at the end of the meeting. Thank you Bruce for all your work over the years, in particular for maintenance work in the playing field.
  2. FINANCIAL REPORT There were no matters arising from the audit for 2015/16. Need to be accurate with advertising the exact number of days for the public right to view the accounts. Thank you to Pauline Cook who carried out the internal audit.
    RAOB Village Hall
    There was no update on the RAOB’s progress with Land Registry and title deeds for the hall. In the mean time the PC continues to run the hall with the VH committee. Some minor improvement work has been carried out and there have been a number of events held in the hall. We hope there will be progress towards a new lease soon as the PC cannot continue running the hall for an indefinite period.
    Lynton and Barnstaple Railway Notes from the last planning meeting have been circulated. ENPA will not consider the issue at Committee until June or July.
    Highway issues Holworthy Farm- the road drain at the end of the farm lane is still blocked with stones and mud. The grating was broken, by highways, and has not been replaced. This has meant water has been running across the road all winter and causing a hazard particularly when conditions have been icy. An accident was reported when a car overturned due to the ice. Also trees and bank vegetation on Holworthy bank have become very overgrown restricting visibility and making it dangerous for tractors and trailers using the farm entrance. It was suggested that this matter be reported to Cllr Davis in the first instance. This report to include drains that are blocked in the village which require the gully sucker to clear them.
    Village store and Post Office Kevin Marshall attended the meeting to say that after 24 years he and Jean will be retiring in November, 2017 and that the shop would close. The Post Office could run from the VH for 2 hours weekly. A meeting will be arranged as soon as possible to discuss the options for continuing to have a shop in the village. Kevin was thanked for letting us know of their plans in advance. Also thank you to Jean and Kevin for their service to the village and best wishes for their retirement.
    Dunbar Cottage several trees have been felled in the back garden. Research shows that no permissions were applied for, Clerk to report this to ENPA.
    Affordable Housing Cllr Holtom declared an interest in this issue. Colin Savage had been in contact to find out if we had completed a lottery fund application to finance the housing survey. E-mail Colin to say we are doing this and get advise on costs. Cllr Bastock to action with help from PC.
    Village website The current village website is not pro-active and needs updating. Cllr Austin runs websites for other organisations and will look into costs for the Parish. This would supported by the village and PC who need to publish information in compliance with the Transparency Code.
    Air Ambulance night landing site Survey at Blackmoor Gate market site has indicated that it would be a suitable site for the installation of emergency landing lights. The cost of installation is estimated at £5-6000 divided between Kentisbury, Arlington and Parracombe. DCC has contributed £1000 and all parishes are looking at ways to fund raise the balance. Everyone present was in support of this project, thank you Cllr Austin for communicating with the other parishes on our behalf.


  1. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN Cllr Holtom stepped down as Chairman. He was proposed for office again by Cllr Tansley and seconded by Cllr Bastock. There were no other nominations. All agreed.
  2. CHAIRMAN’S ACCEPTANCE OF OFFICE Cllr Holtom accepted office and took the Chair. Thanks was given by Cllrs and parishioners in attendance.
  3. ELECTION OF VICE-CHAIRMAN Cllr Tansley stood down. Cllr Bastock was proposed by Cllr Edgington and seconded by Cllr Austin. All agreed. Thank you to Cllr Tansley for his work as Vice-Chairman.
  4. POLICE MATTERS A police report was given by PCSO Grace Cleverdon. April 2016- March 2017 there were 14 reported crimes increased from 3 the previous year. There was a variety of crime and an increase was seen in Martinhoe and other parishes as well. Currently there have a number of theft from vehicle crimes in quiet car parks (Wistlandpound & County Gate) and villages (Parracombe & Martinhoe). Everyone was warned to be vigilant and not to leave valuables in the car. It was also reported that there is now only one police officer and one PCSO in Lynton. Concern was raised over this cut in police resources for our area. Clerk to write to Paul Searle and copy in the Chief Constable and Police and Crime Commissioner. Thank you to Grace for attending the meeting.
    Telephone boxes are not going to be removed from the village, however the box at Church town is not working. This to be reported.
    Planning 62/50/17/00 Proposed new system for disposal of agricultural waste from livestock market. As per amended plans and additional information 25.04.17. There were no objections to this work going ahead.62/50/17/003&4 Proposed demolition of car port and creation of new drive and hard standing area for parking. Fair View, Parracombe. There were no objections to this work going ahead, all agreed.WTPO 17/04 Crown reduction of beech tree up to no more than 3 metres of existing to reduce risk of root plate failure. Blackmoor Gate car park, adjacent to A399. There were no objections to this tree work going ahead.
  6. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING These were agreed and signed for 7th March, 2017.
  7. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES Air ambulance- already dealt with.
    a) Coronation Playing Field The new season of grass cutting is underway. The report from RoSPA has been received which highlights the same issues as previous years. Following the results of the play equipment survey, prices have been researched for replacing the essentials and for additions requests. A multi-play equipment replacement for 4-10 year olds is c.£20,000 for additions up to £50,000. All agreed that with other parish commitments that funding should be raised to replace the essentials first and maintain other equipment. Aim to have everything in place to do the work in Spring 2018. Entrance gate posts need repairing. Clerk to contact Sid Dallyn. Also contact Gerald Tombs to accept grass cutting quote and use of chain harrows to deal with mole hills.
    b) Park Pavilion- nothing to report.
    c) Hard Court- In use for tennis again now. It was suggested that there be keys for the equipment box. Boards around the court need painting.
    Clerk was asked to look into deeds for playing field to find out if it would be possible to charge for long term parking.
    • Accounts for payment
    • ROAB electricity £191.31
    • RAOB Village Hall- hire in April £10:00
    • Raob VH hire in May for L&B Railway meeting £20.00
    • Mrs J Walters-Clerks wages and expenses 2 mths £239.51
    • Community First- PC Insurance £574.79
    • Playsafety Ltd- play equipment inspection £84.80
    • DALC- membership £74.44
    • EDF- quarterly bill £22.54
    • Mrs S Winn- cleaning + pavilion £200.00
    • Mrs J Walters- wages & exps £181.44
    • HMRC- tax on Clerks wages £42.40
    • TOTAL £1371.72

    Financial reports: end March 2017 C/A £21,156.18, Savs £565.04, Cap £726.36 TOTAL £22,446.58
    The Clerk presented the end of year accounts and audit papers for Cllrs to inspect. The Clerk will ask Mrs Pauline Cook to carry out the internal audit this year. There were no questions arising from the accounts or audit forms so they were agreed and then signed by the Chairman and Clerk. Governance statement min no 1733 and accounts min no 1733a.

    von Koutrik- Quotes for tree works Coronation playing field. £700 for all work identified, £600 for all work leaving habitat stems and £300 for priority work. Cllrs discussed the options in light of the tree survey report and agreed that works for £600 would be the best option for safety at present. Clerk to contact Andrew and ask that he fill in the tree work application for ENPA and carry out the work when permissions are in place.Other correspondence has been dealt already.
  11. MATTERS AT CHAIRMAN’S DISCRETION Cllr Edgington tendered his resignation and was thanked again for efforts as part of the Parish Council. Caroline Gatrell, Devon rights of way, will attend next meeting 4th July at 6.45pm to give a brief presentation and for members of the public to look at the RofW definitive map.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.35pm.

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