Parracombe Pieces – May 2014

Parracombe Pieces - School reopens
Parracombe School reopens

Perhaps we should begin with the best news so far this year, the official reopening of the newly rebuilt school on Tuesday, 20th May at 12 noon. All parishioners are invited to attend, there will be a buffet lunch, but you need to book in advance to help with catering numbers. If you have walked past recently, you will have seen how good the building is looking, well from the outside and the grand opening will be a chance to look around inside as well. n Monday 26 May Woolhanger Manor is once again opening its gardens to help raise money for North Devon Hospice. It’s the time of year when the bushes are alive with colour and it is quite a spectacle. Cream teas will be available during the afternoon – and here’s where you can help. A willing and happy team of tea people is needed to assemble and serve the teas, helping to boost the Hospice coffers in doing so. Last year Karen was part of that team and had a thoroughly lovely time. This year she is on holiday. But if you can help let her know and she will pass on your details to the Hospice. The gardens are open between 1 pm and 4.30 pm. If you can help for just an hour, that’s fine too. Contact Karen Farrington on 01598 763653.

The Longstone Landscape Community Archaeology Project have been very busy over the last couple of months. The Exmoor Moorlands Project have provided masses of training from first aid, through to surveying and flint recognition and Terry Green has trained a group in hedgerow recognition. Meanwhile work has started in earnest. Several of us worked with Leicester University PhD Student Doug Mitchum to help him undertake geophysical surveys of a couple of possible Neolithic monuments – one of which may be a mortuary area and the other is an arrangement of standing stones in the pattern of a giant number five on a domino or dice. We are looking forward to seeing the results of this project. Another team has begun looking at the deserted settlement of Radworthy and beginning to record field boundaries and during a preliminary walkovers of areas for possible Mesolithic or Neolithic flint working has already come up with two worked flints. Exmoor National Park have commissioned the firm GSB Prospection, who have worked with projects such as Time Team to work with us to undertake geophysical surveys of one of the Chapman Barrows at the end of April/beginning of May. If you are interest in joining the project contact us via the Parracombe Community and History Facebook page. We are grateful to the landowner and Exmoor National Park for supporting this project.

Parish council, March meeting, following the resignation of Cllr Goode, first item was to appoint a new chairman. Cllr Holtom was nominated with the support of all other Cllrs. Cllr Holtom agreed to become Chairman. Police report- there were no recorded crimes in the previous 2 months. Councillor Davis presented her report which will go in the notice board. Parishioners are encouraged to respond to the issues raised such as care home closures, plans for the hospital junction and possible library closures! In planning, there were no objections to tree works at East Bodley or lopping of hedge between Renaissance House and Christ Church boundary hedge. At Tarr Path- the owners of the hedge have made contact with the Parish Council and will carry out some work to remove overhanging branches. Fences on the other side are being repaired. Tree works, playing field and top of Tarr Path- 2 quotes were received from Mark Evans and Andrew von Koutrik. The Parish Council decided to opt for reductions on the trees highlighted by the survey. As quotes were almost identical all agreed to ask Andrew van Koutrik to carry out the work as he has done other trees in the village. There are still 3 vacancies on the council and no applications for co-option had been received. If you would like to become a councillor, please contact any member of the Parish Council and come to the Annual Parish Council meeting on 14th May, 2014. In Coronation Playing Field- Clerk has asked RoSPA to carry out an inspection which will take place later in the month. The Parish Council’s inspection reports are in a new file with a check list. Cllrs Edgington and Holland have made a check but the PC will await the RoSPA report before any work is carried out. The grass cutting contract has been accepted by Gerald Tombs. At the Park Pavilion- Sharon Winn has reported that the kitchen area is in need of a Spring clean. Clerk to ask if she could do this and bill the PC for the extra hours. On the Hard Court, Clerk will ask Gerald Tombs to quote for moss killing. The Best Kept village work party will also help with leaf clearance and a tidy up. Payments were authorised for hire of village hall, clerk’s wages and expenses, EDF quarterly bill, toilet cleaning and repayment of PWLB loan. At close of business, council’s accounts were £13,225.89 in credit. Correspondence had been received from ENPA looking for potential building sites for affordable housing. Parishioners are reminded that the next meeting is the Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Parish Council Meeting 14th May, 2014. All members of the Parish are welcome to attend. eing May, church gardening will be getting under way soon. Many hands make light work and more volunteers would be welcome. In the past two years we have worked very hard to improve the area on the North side of the church but the rhododendrons are determined to fight back so we need to keep it under control as well as the general grass and boundaries of the church yard. It’s a pleasant spot to work when the weather is fine and there is always coffee and Mary’s excellent Victoria sponge to reward you. If you can help, we would be pleased to see you on a Monday morning from about 9.30 onwards. The PCC Annual Meeting was held in March at which Sue Rawle and Mary Yeo agreed to continue as Church Wardens. Linda Highton continues as secretary and David Brunner has taken over as treasurer. Frances Paul continues as Electoral Roll Officer and Verger. Sheila Crabtree and Judy Much resigned from the council and were thanked for their previous hard work over the years.
Rainfall for March 111 mms, 4.44 inches, compared to March 2013 74.5 mms, 2.98 inches. Thank you Linda.
And that seems to be all this month, see you all here at the beginning of June,

Best wishes to all
Mervyn and others.

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