Revealed: The contents of our 2023 Parracombe Prize anthology!

We are proud to unveil to contents of our 2023 Parracombe Prize anthology. The prize winners are starred.

Since November, when our short story competition opened for submissions, the judges have been scrutinising hundreds of entries from across the world. Choosing the successful stories has been harder this year than ever before, as we have perceived a hike in the quality of contenders.

We hope this choice provides a broad array of subjects and styles, with deft narratives and illuminating prose.

Preparation for publication has now begun. Watch this space for launch date information.

We are delighted to unveil the winners of the Parracombe Prize 2023

First prize went to
Penny Woods for her story – Cake

In second place was
Karen Tobias Green for her story – Friday Night Drinks

Jointly in third place
Nick Sweeney with – The Vendor
Jayne Stead with – Mother Love

Local Prize
David Boorer with More Ketchup, Please

Full list:

  1. The Vendor by Nick Sweeney*
  2. August 2 by Ed Walsh
  3. More Ketchup, Please by David Boorer*
  4. Sax by Michael Pettit
  5. Time and Rosemary by Julia Thorley
  6. Ten Thousand Hours of Love by Robert Kibble
  7. The Final Act by Ros Levenson
  8. Skipping Stones by Andrew Sutherland
  9. Friday Night Drinks by Karen Tobias Green*
  10. Stanley’s the One by Annie Percik
  11. Small Deceits by Fiona Dignan
  12. Words Once Said by Venetia Welby
  13. Cake by Penny Woods*
  14. Cattle Market by Tim Hatton
  15. Room 5 by Gill Briggs
  16. Dead Still by Emmy Hoyes
  17. Family Matters by Gerry Webber
  18. Islands by Fiontan Fleming
  19. Sunday Afternoon by Elizabeth Cathie
  20. The Colours of Magic by Claire Travers Smith
  21. The Recreation Ground by Jody Fenwick
  22. Luck of the Draw by Susan Paterson
  23. The Dwarf by Kim A. Bigelow
  24. Supper for Starlings by Maureen Cullen
  25. Fading Stars and Black Holes by Stephanie Percival
  26. Nearly There by Stephanie Percival
  27. Another Life by Valerie Hoare
  28. The Girl in the Boat by Martin Barker
  29. Pregnancy 101 by Claire Andrew
  30. Twins by Deborah Knight
  31. Molly’s Next Assignment by David Wright
  32. Hooked on You by Mia Curnick-Orrin
  33. Mother Love by Jayne Stead*
  34. Chocolate Sprinkles by Robert Waft
  35. Armalcolite by Ross Anderson
  36. To Be Normal by Louise Mill

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