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Public Consultation for loan funding for the purchase of the RAOB Village Hall

Prepared by David Austin (Cllr, Vice Chair, Parracombe Parish Council)


Since its construction in the 1930’s Parracombe Village Hall’s freehold has been owned by the Parracombe lodge of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (RAOB). Parracombe Village Hall Charitable Trust has leased the hall from the RAOB for a peppercorn rent of £5 per year.

In August 2017 the RAOB decided to sell their freehold interest. As an asset of community value, Parracombe Parish Council (PPC) registered the hall as a community asset and assisted the Village Hall Trust, as a Custodian Trustee, by exercising the community’s right to bid for the purchase of the freehold. PPC have been in negotiations with the RAOB since August of 2017 and have now agreed a purchase price of £35,000 plus payment of conveyancing and estate agent fees (capped at £2,300) on behalf of the RAOB. PPC have paid a deposit of £3,500 to secure the purchase.


The proposal is that the council, with funding from a Public Works Loan Board (PWLB) loan, purchase the freehold interest of the hall for the benefit of the village. The PWLB provide the most favourable rates and terms for parish councils with rate loans determined by the UK Debt Management Office (DMO). To ensure that each household contributes fairly to the purchase, it is proposed that an increase in the parish precept be made to repay the loan over a number of years. PPC will then lease the hall to Parracombe Community Trust Limited, a Community Land Trust registered under the Co-operative Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 as a Community Benefit Society, Registration Number 7804. Parracombe Community Trust has been formed with the aims of maintaining and improving the physical, social and economic infrastructure within the village and to hold land in trust. Parracombe Community Trust will be responsible for securing additional money through community fundraising activities and grant applications for the improvement of the hall. In accordance with its Rules (Parracombe Community Trust Ltd, 2018), will also be responsible for its ongoing running and management as an asset for the benefit of the community.

Funding Requirement

The total cost to purchase the hall inclusive of PPC expenses and those agreed to be paid by PPC on behalf of the RAOB is expected to be in the region of £39,700. PPC are proposing that the expenses for the purchase (estimated at £4,700) are paid from PPC reserves. The loan principle sum required is £35,000. Parish Council Accounts as of the financial reports of 10 July 2018 the council bank accounts have £19,730 in reserve, this amount is exclusive of the £3,500 that the council has already paid from parish accounts to the vendors solicitor as a deposit. This deposit amount will be returned to parish reserves on receipt of loan funding. Please see a copy of Parracombe Parish Council year end 2017/2018 accounts .

Loan Structure

Public Works Loan Board (Debt Management Office) loans are repayable by one of three methods:

  1. Maturity: half-yearly payments of interest only, with a single repayment of principal at the end of the term.
  2. EIP (Equal Instalments of Principal): equal half-yearly instalments of principal together with interest on the balance outstanding at the time.
  3. Annuity or ER (Equal Repayments): fixed half-yearly payments to include principal and interest.

Two repayment methods are generally available to parish councils, EIP and annuity. A maturity loan requires that a sinking fund is provided to meet the repayment of the principle at the end of the term. It has the highest financing costs and so this repayment method is not appropriate for the purchase of the hall.

The PWLB illustration details each loan type with a principle sum of £35,000 over a 30-year term. The type being proposed is an annuity loan. While the financing costs of an annuity over its term are marginally higher than an EIP the benefit of fixed repayments over the term provides predictability.

Loan Repayment

Repayment of the loan will be through an increase in the parish precept. The parish precept for the current year 2018/19 is £7,160 with the Band D Council Tax at £54.51. With the average parish precept in England for a Band D property 2017/18 being £61.03, (UK Government Web site by comparison Parracombe Band D rate at £53.45 for 2017/18 was around 10% below the average.

Using the figures in the PWLB Illustration for an annuity loan of £35,000 over a 30-year term would require the parish precept to be increased by £1,710.

An increase of £1710 requires that the precept for 2018/19 be increased by 23.9% to cover the loan repayments. This equates to an increase of £13 to a Band D property in Parracombe based on a tax base of 131.34. i.e. £8,870 / 131.34 = £67.53. Note: the tax base varies year-on-year and so actual figures may vary.

PreceptBand D
2019/2020 proposed£8,870.00£67.53
£ increase£1,710.00£13.02
% increase23.88%23.88%


A Parracombe Parish Council meeting 22 August 2018 held at the RAOB Village Hall considered this proposal and unanimously voted in its favour. The parish council have put the proposal forward for public consultation, the consultation period of 28 days is from 6 September until 3 October 2018.

Respond or Get in Touch

If you would like to make your views known please leave your response along with your name and email address below.  All comments are moderated and will only be published when approved (email addresses are not published).

If you would like to comment off line, request further information or ask questions you can email or call Councillors Jeremy Holtom (Chairman) 01598 765295 or David Austin (Vice Chair) on 01598 763679.

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16 thoughts on “Public Consultation for loan funding for the purchase of the RAOB Village Hall

  • Nick Constable

    It’s so important that the hall is properly secured for our village. A community is nothing unless people can get together and while the pub does a fantastic job the hall is the one place larger numbers can hold social / fundraising / fun functions. Thirteen quid a year on the rates is an absolute snip and if the hall is owned by the village I’d personally feel much happier about fundraising for it. I’d also like to acknowledge the hard work our parish council has put in to make this happen. It has beeen a very complex and difficult business which is still not quite over.

  • Mrs Joyce Salter

    I am happy to go along with the proposal to purchase the hall and to finance the loan by an increase in the precept. It will cost each villager around £1 per month and I feel strongly that second homeowners should be required to contribute their share , in fact I would dearly like to see them have to pay double.
    I would also like to see a system in place which would allow for early repayment of the principal sum if finance from other sources becomes available in the future.


    Whole-hearted support for the purchase of the hall, the proposed loan and method of repayment through the Parish Precept. The hall is a vital asset for this community and is used by all generations. My thanks to the Parish Council and those individuals who have worked long and hard to get to this point

  • Les and Lesley Wilson

    We are in full support of obtaining the village hall the proposals to achieve this.We would like to thank the parish council for their hard work in securing the village hall for the Parracombe community.

  • Carol and Bruce Edgington

    A pound a month (approx.) per household is staggering value for saving the heart of the village and our Parish Council is to be congratulated for getting to this point. We, therefore, wholeheartedly support the resolution carried in this respect at the September PPC meeting.

  • Mark and Diana Smith

    Its Fantastic that you have managed to secure the village hall for the people of Parracombe. We too wholeheartedly support the resolution . Well done to all in the parish council as always doing a great job.

  • Stewart and Mary Jane Wallis

    Very happy to support this excellent proposal and as others have commented the extra cost is incredibly reasonable.

  • Roger & Trisha Collins

    We agree with the proposal , it is excellent value

  • Carey Hides & Peter Taylor

    We fully support the proposal and consider it to be tremendously good value. Thank you to the Parish Council for their hard work and perseverance.

  • Jaye Jones and Keith Denby

    Very happy to support the proposal. A small increase in the precept is a small price to pay for the opportunities acquiring the village hall gives the community and secures the halls long term future.

  • Gerald Tombs

    Fully support the village hall proposal. Is the car park opposite part of the deal or locked into the use of the hall in some other way ? One without the other would not be so attractive.

    • Gerald – thank you for your comments. The land opposite the hall is owned by Heddon Hall and kindly offered for use as a car park by hall visitors. It is therefore not included in the title deeds of the village hall and is not part of the purchase. As I understand the it the owners are happy for it to continue as long as the hall remains in use as a community village hall.

  • Harry & Jo Harrison

    We very much support the proposed model for financing the Village Hall.

  • Tania Hall

    We both support the purchase of the village hall and would happily pay the small increase in our council tax.

  • Mrs Joyce Salter

    Delighted to see so much support. The hall will be an excellent long term investment should a time arise in the future when a new hall for the village could be built on a different site.

  • Julian Cox

    We are, of course, happy to support the proposed purchase but please be mindful that there will be some local people who may never use the hall and for whom this small increase in their council tax will represent an additional and unwelcome financial burden.

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