Village Hall – RAOB meeting April 27 follow up

The following are notes from a telephone conversation between Jeremy Holtom (PPC chair) and Paul Howard-Baker (RAOB) following the RAOB meeting 29 April regarding the sale of the Village Hall by the RAOB.

Dear All,

I have had a very amicable and open conversation with Paul following the following the RAOB Lodge meeting on Friday 27th April.

Paul reported that the meeting went through everything that had happened and decided to totally review the whole situation, which Paul stated was that PPC was the preferred purchaser, even though the original offered was far below the price the market was indicating.

Paul went on to suggest that the unencumbered freehold was probably in the region of £150K that the PPC as sitting tenant would have the benefit immediately and would save legal costs associated with the lease renewal. Paul suggested that an increased offer would be looked on favourably and when pressed he indicated a figure of between £30-40K.

Paul was aware of the forthcoming Community Land Trust meeting and I suggested it might be beneficial for the PPC to have that in position should they decide to increase their offer. Paul suggested that the timing should be such that a decision was known before the Sec 26 notice ran out in August, but that an early move would be welcomed.

I agreed to inform the PPC and stakeholders and come back to him as rapidly as possible with a response.

The above message should be considered alongside the independent legal and valuation advice received by the PPC.

Jeremy Holtom

For and on behalf of Parracombe Parish Council

Parracombe Admin

Administrator for Parracombe community web site.

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